February 2, 2012

Pagerize this #18 by Tamara

Each Month on the 15th, we post a new layout for you to "pagerize" (Plagerize,copy,lift, steal) whatever term you want to use. The idea will be- to use the posted layout as your inspriation to create your own layout. You can "pagerize"as much or as little of the original layout as you choose. you may want to make a layout like the one just posted-or you may just want to use something about the layout as your inspiration.

  Here is Tamara's layout for  Pagerize this #18. Tamara said:
 Here is one that I just did  a couple of weeks ago and although it is a Christmas subject, I feel it has a lot of potential for Pagerizing!  I used some old pattern paper from my stash that isn't marked, manufacturer unknown and I can't remember if the die cuts are Creative imaginations or something like that.  I tried to search it but ran out of time.  It was a pretty quick and easy layout.  I used my son's Christmas card for the main focus.  I am excited to see what others can create with this!!

Once you've completed your layout-email a picture and a brief description to scrappingpsyhco@live.com 
All entries will be posted here at Scrap our Stash. this challenge runs through midnight central time on February 12th. The pagerizer ( in this case, Tamara), will then choose a winner from all of the entries. The winner will be announced on February 14th. then the winner will be asked to submit a layout for us to "pagerize" starting on the 15th of February.


  1. This is a lovely layout! You are right, there is alot of potential. Can't wait to get started. Thanks for the challenge.

  2. Great lo! Love the colors and tickets across the bottom!!

  3. I see lots of options here with the calendar and tickets. I like the colors!

  4. Thanks for such a great layout to Pagerize! I hope to be able to take the challenge.

  5. I hope to get to Pagerize this this weekend!

  6. Great page and I can see loads of inspiration from it.