February 3, 2010

Keeping up!

My goal is to keep this blog moving. I hate when I go to a blog and it is the same thing I read a week ago. Soooo, my goal is to have something new everyday. So, if you come everyday - you won't miss anything. But, if you miss a day - you never know what you might have missed. If you scroll down you will be able to see 2 to 3 days worth of posts. You can also click on the "Older posts" to see earlier posts.

Or, you can rely on the labeling system that I have designed for this purpose. All the labels are listed on the sidebar - under "Recent Comments". So, if for instance you missed a Frugal Friday - just click on the label - Frugal Friday and it will bring all of them up. If you missed one of the DT's layouts - you can just click on their name in the labels and it will take you to all of their projects. If you want to see all the layouts - just click layouts!

Also, in order to keep this blog moving daily I need a lot of projects to post - that's where you come in. Anytime you submit a project that is in response to the Monthly Challenge - it will be posted. If you submit a project that is in response to a current - or former Frugal Friday Tip - it will be posted. And, if you have a Frugal Friday Tip - send it and if it is chosen, it will also be posted.

So let's see those projects - and let's keep this blog moving!

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