August 26, 2010

$$Frugal Friday Tip$$

Do you have any old planners lying around? I did! I found this old planner in my book storage and decided to make it into something new!

Rather than pay to get a wedding planner/agenda thing I decided to take the planner I found out of the plastic cover and make my own!
You can either cover the existing pages with new paper and work from there, or if you have a binding machine, make your own inserts.

With what you have in your stash you can make your own planner, organizer, or a mini album!!! Look around!

If you create a planner using Rachel's suggestions - please send a picture to We'd love to share it here on the blog.

Do you have a frugal tip you'd like to share? Just send your tip along with any pictures to You could be featured as a future Scrap Our Stash Frugal Friday Tip.


  1. Great idea! Reusing items like these is also really green! Congrats on the engagement and picking the date! I can't wait to see what else you make for your wedding!

  2. This is gorgeous!! And what a great idea!!

  3. Great idea - and I love the way your actually using it! It must be nice to be so organized! ;-)

  4. Very pretty! You would never know it's a re-purposed notebook.