April 26, 2011

April Bring on the Sun challenge by Christy

Design Team Member Christy submitted this layout for the April Bring in the Sun Challenge.  She said:

Often times, many families have something they enjoy doing together. For us, that's playing in the pool. This also means we end up with photos of the same type of event over and over again. If you are like me (Obsessed with photos of your family) this may make it hard to narrow down the best photos for scrapping. Often, I just like to scrap them regardless of how many pool layouts end up in my albums. After all, it's about enjoying the process of scrapbooking while telling a story, right? A title like " The Exciting Adventures of Raft man and Noodle Boy" helps set this group of photos apart from other similar photos. It makes for a more specific story and highlights the relationship between my husband and my son. I did not come up with the title. My silly son and husband did while they were playing in the pool. I was more than happy to "borrow" it for these pages. 

Scraphappy.org February Sketch
SEI papers, chipboard and Alphas
Making Memories brads
Bic Mark It pen in midnight navy

One would think with as many water themed pages as I make that I would have all of the perfect embellishments to complete a page. Sometimes though, I wish I had a little something different. When I was making the companion page for raft man and noodle boy, I wanted some waves. I don't have any wave stamps which for some reason is what I felt it needed. It's not in my budget to go buy stamps right now and quite frankly, if I did, I would have to order them on-line. I really didn't want to wait for them to be shipped to me. I will admit, that I almost caved and bought a stamp set from K and Co.

  Common sense grabbed a hold of me. Because the image I wanted was fairly simple, I decided to see if I could doodle a wave similar to the stamp I had wanted to purchase. I got a piece of scrap paper, and used a pencil to doodle some waves. I was happy with the overall results and then made the brave step to doodle it on my layout. If you feel less brave than I, try doodling on a scrap piece of paper, then cut it out and use that on your page.White erasers also come in handy. They don't seem to leave marks on your paper.I am not quite sure if the doodle goes well with the page, but I did enjoy the little experiment and plan to try it again in the future.

Sassy Lil Sketch April 7, 2011
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  1. beautiful pages Christy! love the colors and the title work on the first layout is awesome!

  2. Love the cool color scheme, your title work and the wavy borders!

  3. Thank you for the compliments. :)

  4. love the waves down the center. Nice family layout. Looks fabulous!!

  5. love the wave edges and the vertical title

  6. Great way to capture a not so "un-ordinary" event. Love the colors - and great doodling! And congratulations on passing up on buying something you "needed".

  7. Great pages! I like the side title and the waves!