December 2, 2012

Pagerize Karen by Tamara

We are getting close to the end of Karen's rein as Pagerizing Queen so if you have not played be sure to email with a copy of yours marked "Pagerize Karen" in the subject line. Maybe we can pick you next time to Pagerize! Wouldn't that be a lot of fun? We love it! Now again here is Karen's then check out how Tamara did her magic on this:

Tamara said:
This was a great page to scraplift.  I love all of the randomness across the top.  I used this funky picture of my boss in a crazy hat.  I also used washi tape on the bottom left hand corner as well as across the bottom.  I loved the random embellishments that rounded out this fun layout.  I would love to use this lift again.  It was fabulous!  Thanks Karen for your expertise and example.
Pagerize Karen



  1. What a fun layout Tamara! Love the photo! Great job on scraplifting Karen's layout! Love your version!

  2. I like your use of the tape and neat title!