February 12, 2013

Anything Fuzzy ~ Tamara

Hello, Happy Tuesday!!!
Check out this fun layout DT Tamara created and embellished with a cute "Fuzzy" monkey!

Read what she says about our Anything Fuzzy challenge:
This was such a fun challenge!When I heard the word Fuzzy, my mind went immediately to fun flock. I haven't used that for quite a while so I ran to my stash and fuzzed up my layout. I used it on the monkey's ears and belly on all three monkeys. I also used it along the bottom left border to give it a dirt feel. It was super simple. I used a two way glue stick, then sprinkled some fuzz on. After I smashed it down so as much as possible would stay. Then you just brush off the leftovers and put it back in the bottle. Crew just loves this Monkey that I gave him. He is so thrilled with it, every time you say where's monkey or go get monkey, his face just lights up. It is so fun seeing him have so much joy with a stuffed animal. This was a great challenge. I hope you will take the plunge as well and find something fuzzy in your stash!
....and here is the cute layout Tamara created:
Make sure you stop by tomorrow, we have our Pagersize challenge posting and on the 14th we will have another DT reveal on our Anything "Fuzzy" challenge!
Enjoy your day!


  1. So cute! (And I'm not monkeying around!). My DD loves monkeys too, so I will be using this as inspiration.

  2. Cute layout and super cute photos! Great job on adding :"fuzzy" stuff to your page!

  3. Adorable layout, love all the pics! Fun flock...hmmm, wonder if I still have any of that around?