August 31, 2023

Important Notice


We have truly appreciated all of you playing along with our challenges for the last 10+ years!  At this time,  we are going to take a break from posting challenges.  August 2023 will be the last challenge at this time.  We have enjoyed motivating others with our challenges and prizes, and we hope that you continue to stay inspired through other challenge blogs/groups including Rochelle's BlogStacy's Blog , and  The ScrapRoom Group.   

A special Thank You to the Scrap Our Stash Design Team who continued to create wonderful layouts every month!  We truly appreciate your dedication and inspiration! 

Tomorrow we will announce the August winner, so make sure you come back to see if you are a winner!! 

Again, thank you, and see you back here soon!!


  1. Oh, this is sad. Your challenges have been fabulous. Thank you to all involved.

  2. So sorry to read this . I've always loved your challenges. Hope to you back someday.

  3. Wow!! So sorry to hear but totally understand! Breaks are needed and hope you have a wonderful time! Enjoy and thank you for all the inspiration and challenges over all of these fabulous years!! Thank you to your talented DT and wishing all the best!

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  5. Hey! It's Scrappinpsycho ~ the original Scrap our Stash founder. Can't believe it's been 10 years. Thanks for keeping this going. Hopefully, someone else will be willing to pick it up.