March 11, 2010

$$Frugal Friday Tips$$

In light of our Special Spring Cleaning Challenge I decided that this week's Frugal Friday tip should pertain to organization of our Stash.

The most frugal thing we can do, is use what we already have. This is best done when we know what we have - and when we know where it is.

Instead of me giving one tip - I have decided I'll give a tip - and then ask that everyone leave a "tip" in the comment. We will keep this up and going as long as there are more tips to share. If you have pictures you'd like to share - email them to me and we will add them along with your tip.

My tip is: Organize your stuff to go along with the way you scrap. We tend to look at some of these awesome rooms and think oh, I like the way they stored that - but it could be totally impractical for you because of the way you scrap.

I usually scrap by color - I usually get my color theme from the pictures I'm going to scrap. So, it only makes sence for my paper and brads to be organized by color. I don't pay any attention to brands or manufacturers - so it doesn't make sence for me to file my paper by manufacturer - but if you on the other hand, do pay attention to that - and maybe post your projects with a product description - then, that may be the way for you to file your paper.

What organizational tip would you like to share? Just post it below in a comment - or send it via email to


  1. alright...frugal = short on cash right? well pretty much that's what it means to me so I use "found" items for storage. I cut up my postal boxes and cover them with paper for paper storage. I also use ziplocs for color coding ribbon (it's easier to grab the bag I want and take it with me)

  2. I also repurposed some household containers to store my tools nearby my main workspace. I used a silverware caddy to hold my scissors, pens and some frequently used hand punches, along with my exacto knife.

  3. This month I am re-doing my stamp book so that I can easily see and access all my stamps and put them to good use instead of leaving them sit forgotten.

  4. My husband got me a great stamp organizer by 7Gypsies for Christmas and I have to say that having my clear stamps in the little sleeves is super nice. Just go through the little carousel of stamps to find just what I want. I am also a color sorter for my paper, i have all the colors sorted in solids and all again for patterned.

  5. I'm a very visual person - out of sight out of mind. So I store most of my stash out where I can see it - lots of jars - and a home made clip it up. See the pictures!

    What is your tip?

  6. I have a printer stand that is just barely 12 inches wide. My new printer is upstairs under the desk so I've decided that this is the perfect place to stack my "stacks" of paper. Also, those 12x12 boxes are perfect for storing project specific stashes (wedding, trips, baby, furbaby) or taking projects to crops. :)

  7. Great tips ladies - I'm all for re-purposing for storage and display!

    Thanks to all who added tips.

    If you have a tip - please feel free to leave it here.