March 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning Challenge

Before by Mary

Posted by PicasaReader Mary finally got up enough nerve to send her Before pictures for the Spring Cleaning Challenge. This is what she had to say, "OK! I know you know that this would "not" bother me in the least!!
I could not bring myself last night to get these pics sent!!
I was actually sick to my stomach!!! I am rather appalled by them, and am
stressing over it greatly!! UGH!! But.......I MUST get it done!!! goes!
So....feel free to use as many.....OR NONE....of these pics, once you have
"regained consciousness" from the shock of looking at them!!"
If Mary can do it - you can do it! Send your before pictures to and join in the Special Spring Cleaning Challenge - see details below.


  1. Mary I felt the same way when I sent in my pics. I was so embarrassed of myself but it will help you see your room in a new way and get it cleaned. You have a great space! Can't wait to see it cleaned up.

  2. Kudos to you for sending in the before photos! You have an awesome space and I love that Craftsman tool storage unit and how you decorated it to make it your own!

  3. I agree that it helps you see your room in a whole new light. Just think of how much better it will look when you get it all finished! :)

  4. I totally understand Mary! This month was also my first time sharing my messing space with the world! Yikes! But I look at it as motivation to send in awesome AFTER pictures at the end of the month!

  5. I had to show my DH your craftsman tool chest. Looks like a great way to be organized though. Good luck with your spring cleaning!

  6. Mary,

    I'm so proud of you - I know this was waaaaaaay outside your comfort zone. I hope it will pay off in the end when you can look back at the before and after pictures. We all want to see them...

  7. Aww! Thank You everyone for all of your kind comments!! They are VERY encouraging!! And, Kathy.....Yes...this is waaaaay, Waaaaay, WAAAAAAAAY outside my comfort zone!!
    As for Mardie and Laurie commenting on my Craftsman toolbox! Thanks! I am glad you like it! The story behind that is I needed something VERY sturdy for ALL of my punches that I have "acquired" through the years....and so after getting "much advice" I wracked my brain and I thought, Man! A toolbox would do the I noticed that Sears had them on sale (AND in PRETTY colors these days! LOVE that dark blue!) so I asked my husband about getting it!! There was a third section that you got for free with the purchase of it, so he was "sold" rather quickly as he got something too!! ;0) (Maybe I will take a few pics of the inside when I post my after pics....if I remember!)
    Thanks Again Everyone!