October 27, 2010

October Challenge - Joni

Well, I don't have too much that I won't try or stuff that I put off....so this challenge was a little tough for me.  I was mentioning this to my husband when he pointed out that I never finished the "Canvas" I had started for "his room".   Ok...he got me there.  So, that became "THAT" project for me.

Here is the story...  He had seen these artsy canvases (4 diff ones) that said things like LOVE, PEACE..etc.
They were like $50 each...($200...total nope..)...  I said I'd make him something like that instead ...well, that was over a year ago.  I did finally pick up some wooden squares with words on them....but they sat around too.  Then I started this canvas practicing a technique with VASELINE (which I'll share later in this post).  It too sat unused.  So I decided to put them altogether... I added some extra paint to "block" the canvas into sections and then it sat for another 2 weeks while I struggled with how to adhere the wooden blocks to the canvas/paper.  I finally just decided to glue the darn things.  So now IT'S DONE....  here it is.     And I'll share the Vaseline Masking technique.
So this canvas is 16x20... I used modge podge to adhere paper to the canvas (on the back side only..no modge podge on the top of the paper).   Then when dry....  I took VASELINE and put in on the paper in a few spots.. (like just to the left of the PEACE block and also to the left of the HARMONY block & left of the LOVE block) -- NOTE the red wood signs are not adhered at this point.  Then I applied BLACK paint over the whole thing..Paper and vaseline.  Then wait for the paint to dry. .. Now, since Vaseline doesn't dry...  you take a paper towel and wipe off the vaseline (yes this is a messy step)...  but the vaseline acts like a mask and wherever you had vaseline there will NOT be paint...you'll be wiping it off!!! 
I added extra gold & white paint to help "section" the canvas into 4 parts. 

Oh, my husband is a Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor so "his room" is a little sanctuary in our house where we do massages & Yoga.  Just so you'd know a little more of the reason for the project.

Now it's your turn to take the October Challenge - see all the details below. And don't miss the Pagerize This Challenge - details also below in Pagerize This Challenge.  


  1. WOW, Joni!!! This is an awesome project! Good for you that your husband finally got you to make it...
    And thank you so much for the vaseline technique!

  2. Gorgeous canvas girl!! Love the Chinese characters and colors you chose.

  3. Wow wow wow, clever chicken! This looks amazing.

  4. This is such a cool canvas - you did a wonderful job. I bet your hubby loves it!

    Glad the challenge helped you to finish it.

  5. those canvasses are so awesome. i love how you were able to replicate a great wall piece without having to shell out the huge $$$. your canvas collage looks amazing - love the vaseline technique and how rich and decadent it looks. it will complete your hubby's studio!

  6. WOW...what a great way to make art for your home! The idea of using the vaseline is really neat.

  7. I think that is great decor for "his room"...and a funny story too.