October 13, 2010

Pagerize Joni - Winner!

All I can say is ..... WOWZERS!!!! Ladies you really knocked my socks off with your pagerize of my Rockin' Surfer layout!
I must admit that this has been fun and not so fun.... Great fun to see all the awesome layouts and NOT so fun to have to choose only 1 winner....

So, I had a really tough time...I mean, really...did you guys see all those awesome layouts (and an awesome card by Ren-Yi!!)

OK...so I guess I should just say that I've been agonizing over my final choice for a couple days -- I wish I could PICK THEM ALL!!

But I just couldn't get passed how much I LOVE this layout.... so much like mine and yet sooooo different!! So simple and yet so elegant. Such a great story and great use of color.....

So without further ado..... I pass along the Pagerize torch (and it's fun and not so fun moments....)


Christy... with this awesome "Cup of Co" layout.....

Now before I leave...I wanted to mention a couple other things...

First, Denise's Sweet Layout is soooo cute, I just had to mention how close and difficult she made my decision. We'll call this our Honorable Mention!!

And...I have to mention that I asked my 7 yr old son, Joseph, to tell me his favorite...so I wanted to share his choice as well.... He loved Stacy's Seeing Santa layout.

Thanks Joni - You gave us all a great page to Pagerize! Thanks to all who participated in the challenge. I hope you enjoyed the challenge. Once again, I was blown away by how everyone's project was so like - but yet so different from the original.

So now it's Christy's turn to post a project for us all to Pagerize. Christy's Pagerize This Challenge will post on the 15th.


  1. Woo Hoo! Congratulation Christy!!!! Love your layout :))) Thank you for the honorable mention Joni :)))

  2. Congratulations Christy - I love this page. So warm and cozy! Congratulations to Denise and Stacy too - you all did a great job.

    Thanks to Joni for giving us such a great layout to pagerize!

  3. Congratulations Christy!! I can totally see why Joni picked your layout it was awesome!Can't wait to see what you come up with for us to Pagerize!!

    Denise congrats for your honorable mention!! Your layout was gorgeous!!

    Joni tell your son thanks!! I'm happy he picked me!! ha Thanks also Joni for that great layout for us to be inspired by!!

  4. Congrats Christy! I'm looking forward to seeing your next layout.

  5. CONGRATS Christy :) i can't wait to see your pagerize challenge. and thank you Joni for a fun pagerize challenge. love you commented so thoughtfully on each entry!

  6. Love those pages - well done, ladies :)