November 14, 2009

Design Team Reveal

Hi! My name is Kathy and I am a Scrappinpsycho.

I am from Austin, Texas, and have been scrapbooking so long I can't remember when I started. I started scrapbooking reluctantly thinking this was just another craft fad and that about the time I got into it they'd quit making stuff and then I'd have to quit. Maybe that's why I have sooo much stuff. My weaknesses are patterned paper and bargains. I love to shop with the "how could I use this in scrapbooking" mind set. I have stash from the "beginning of time". Sometimes I just laugh and say "what was I thinking when I bought that?"

My favorite subjects (victims) are my 3 adorable grandchildren. I like to believe I am preserving memories for them and future generations - maybe I'm just creating a huge pile in a landfill somewhere, but that's okay because scrapbooking is more than a hobby to me. It is my therapy which is why I do my scrapping in "The Psycho's Asylum". It's also a very social thing for me. My friends are all scrapbookers - hmmm - which came first. Some are friends that became scrapbookers, but many are friends I've met through scrapbooking.

At the end of August 09 I got this idea that I wanted to be on design team (some of my friends were doing it - why not me). So I set out to become a design team member. My first rejection was hard. "What were they thinking?" - I whined to anyone who would listen at Twopeasinabucket - I received a lot of encouragement and some constructive criticism. I decided one of my problems was I didn't have a blog. So I entered the world of blogging (something I thought was ridiculous before this). So now, I have a new obsession.

My second DT rejection was even more devastating. I started getting involved in challenges at some of the blogs that I visited. Eventually I actually won a few - and I finally got chosen to be on the Creative Team at ScrapSketch. But due to my obsession I still wanted more. I got very involved in another blog with the hope of being chosen for their DT - another rejection. So when Use Your Stash announced on November 1, that they were calling it quits - I jumped on it. I decided I should create my own blog challenge and do ALL the things I don't like about those other blog challenges. I won't go into a lot of detail (yeah right!) but one thing I really hope to do is give everyone who participates "their moment of glory". Each participant's entry will be posted "for the whole world to see". I won't boar you with my other plans now, but I'm hoping this will be a blog where scrappers will want to hang out.

For the design team call I asked that each entrant be creative and submit a "STASH" project.

Here is Mine
This is actually a picture of my Asylum mid-reorganization. It really didn't look this bad when I started. To see the finished project visit my blog at
Not only does this give an indication of the amount of stash I have - it also depicts the use of my stash. The background paper was actually from the "kids" stash. The title is sort of my theme - I very rarely throw a way a scrap.

If I were to scrap a page a day (I wish) I'd have to live to be over 100 before I'd have to buy anything other than adhesives. It's not likely I'll live that long - or that I'll quit buying. I really thing being held accountable to YOU my Support Team - I will do better at Scrapping my Stash, and I hope to be an encouragement to You to do the same.

I hope you will find this a fun place to hang out - and that the challenges will stretch not only your budget but also inspire you to scrap your stash in a way you may not have thought of. Please feel free to leave comments or email me at if I can be of any assistance.
I'm excited about this new venture and hope you are too. Please check back (become a follower) for more Design Team reveals and more details on the Challenge which will officially launch on December 1.
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  1. WOW! great use of patterned paper! You coordinated it really well too!

  2. I can't wait til 'Scrap your stash' gets under way and I can start using some of my stash with your challenges. I am a seasoned scrapper but only new to blogging, I'm at one day I would love to be a design team member for someone too but right now I barely find time to scrap. So good luck with this site.

  3. Great idea for a layout, Kathy! I really like the colors/patterns you put together & that is quite a space!! Looking forward to getting to know you!

  4. I LOVE it Kathy!! :) My room looked like that too a few months ago, but I don't know if I'd ever be brave enough to post pictures of it. I also love how you added scraps of papers around the edges of your layout. SOOO excited about this new challenge blog!