October 31, 2010

October Challenge Winner

The winner of a spot on the Guest Design Team for December is...

Karen Williams. 

Karen submitted three layouts in October.  My favorite is her The Gathering Storm.

It will be fun to see what Karen contributes for our December Challenge. 

Unfortunately we will also be saying goodbye to Design Team Member Tere.  She has decided to step down in order to dedicate more time to another project she is involed in.

Thanks Tere, you'll be missed.

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Meet November Guest Design Team Member Irit

Hi!! I am IRIT and I am from sunny ISRAEL. In my "real life" I have been a dentist, but for the last 3 years I do it as a part time job, because I need some extra time to run my Israeli online scrap shop and I am havimg a lot of fun doing something else after 25 years of dentistry. I have been married for 28 years to a retired high police officer, he is the full time family cook these days. I am a mom to 4 grown ups: 2 sons and twin daughters. The empty nest is probably the main reason for my obsession for crafting - finally I have some time for myself. My oldest son is a high army officer and recently married. The second one is " a world traveler" - for the last 4 years after his army service. He is out of Israel for at least 9 months a year. This year he lives in Spain and works there. My twins are in their second year of college and my scrapbooking inspiration. I need to say that I have been totally addicted to crafting since I was a little girl. For many years it was polymer clay and jewelry making, but after I saw a scrapbook LO for the first time in my life (only 5 years ago during my visit to USA) I understood finally that I am in love with paper. Today I mostly scrap and do altered art and some card making. I am a real challenge blog freak. I have been a guest design team member on about 7-8 challenge blogs. I also design for UK chipboard company named Tando creative, for an Australian shop named Scrap with V and I am also on SNR WEB MAGAZINE editorial staff. I was published in print in Israel several times and was published in every possible web magazine during the last year. Finally my other addiction is..... folk dancing. So if I am not in my crafting room- I am probably dancing If you want to see a bit of my work you can visit my blog

Make sure you come back to see what Irit will contribute to Scrap Our Stash.Posted by Picasa

October 30, 2010

Meet November Guest Design Team Member Missy

Missy  is from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She has been married to her best friend from high school for twelve years. He is very supportive in all her creative endeavors!  Missy is a SAHM to three boys who keep her on her toes, Mason 7, and twins, Dylan and Corbin, 3. She has been scrapping since her oldest was born, but she has always loved all things crafty! Besides scrapping, she loves to make jewelry, paint, sew, take pictures, and mix up all her crafts together to see what she can come up with. She said she is very fortunate to have been able to turn their dining room into a craft studio, so she can leave her projects out to work on them when she has a few minutes to spare. With all of her supplies, she completely filled up a dining room! She thinks she has every style of American Crafts letter stickers! Acrylic stamps are another weakness! She could scrap for months and not have to buy anything IF she could just stay out of the craft stores!
Missy submitted this layout as a part of her introduction.

Posted by PicasaWe are all excited to see Missy's further contributions to Scrap Our Stash.  Be sure to check back on Monday for the November Challenge.

Meet November Guest Design Team Member - Denise

Our November Guest Designer Denise lives in Southern California, which she loves because she can wear flip flops most of the time. She is a stay at home mom to two lovely children who are the main focus of her scrapbooking. She scrapbooks layouts, cards, and home decor. You can see a fabulous Halloween banner she made with Graphic 45's Halloween in Wonderful at http://lalasworldblog.blogspot.com/2010/10/trick-or-treat.html. She keeps busy with her kids, her addiction to scrapbook challenges, managing a group that creates lifebooks for adopted children, and the occasional fluff novel.

Denise submitted this layout for the October THAT Project Challenge. She said "for me my THAT project was scrapping a page about my life as a young adult. There are a couple of reasons I have put it off. The first is that I knew I would have to go through several shoeboxes to find the pictures. This actually turned out to be really enjoyable as I went down memory lane. The other is that I keep very busy with all the pictures of my children. So after I went through my boxes and found some pictures I wanted to use, I scrapped this layout.

I went crazy with my Fancy Pants rub-on and the paper is also from Fancy Pants. The blue flowers are from Prima. The vellum quote I cut up was from Quick Quotes and reads,” Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, 'WOW! What a ride!'”

Posted by PicasaCan't wait to see what further contributions Denise will make to Scrap Our Stash. Check back regularly, there is something new posted here everyday. And don't miss our Pagerize This Challenge. See all the details in the Pagerize This Challenge below.

October Challenge by Kathy

I was finally able to complete my THAT project. I really needed this challenge to make me complete this layout about a special time my sisters and I spent with my dad before his Alzheimers took his mind from us. The pictures are not very good - but the most important part was the journaling. I have procrastinated doing this layout for a long time - I'm not big into journaling - but knew that this was important to capture my memories of that special time.

Posted by PicasaNow it's your turn to take the THAT project challenge. Hurry, the challenge ends at 6 PM on October 31st. See all the details in October Challenge below.

October Challenge - Finish THAT Turtle

In my recent blog post when I came around to carding with felt, I alluded to having some (or many) crafting items that are still considered work in progress (or WIP). One such item, for which I have no excuse, was a little amigurumi turtle that I started in June 2009Yea - I have many projects where I am ashamed to state out loud when I started something ;)

I was showing a friend how to crochet, which included learning how to read a pattern and following the instructions. He decided on an amigurumi pattern due to its bite-size nature (in comparison to a blanket which takes forever), 3-D aspect, and its complexity (which included learning how to sew parts together). So I crocheted one with him to show him how to get started. Half a turtle shell later, he went home and started on his crochet frenzy. I showed my friend in total one turtle shell, and one leg. So for the longest time, Todd, the non-existing turtle that I had already named, comprised of one shell, one leg, and a partially finished head! Kinda macabre...no?

So when Kathy gave us our October Challenge to try to finish THAT project, the guilt immediately wafted up from the box of unfinished crocheted items. Todd was whimpering from the bottom of the box. The most challenging part was finding the right pattern. Back then I didn't bother printing the pattern out, since I was going to finish it in two evenings. Or so was the plan.

Todd, the Turtle

In case you wanted to see the seams, here is Todd's underside:

Todd, the Turtle

One year, four months later, I finished three more legs, a tail, and prided myself in sticking the safety eyes together with the project - so I had them at hand. If I had misplaced then, I would have sewed him some cute button eyes on...

Todd, the Turtle

While I sewed on his last limb, it occurred to me that Todd didn't have a home. But then I remembered that one of my other dear friends has a mom that loves turtles of all kind. Big, small, breakable display only, huggable and squeezable stuffed animals - you name it. She has a collection. And since I had the pleasure of meeting her this summer, I am going to send Todd across the Big Pond to join the already established turtle home.

Now, Todd, be good and remember to say "Guten Tag, Ich heiße Todd und möchte gerne hier wohnen." (Hi, my name is Todd and I would like to live here.)

October 29, 2010

October Challenge

The October Challenge is to do THAT PROJECT

When I was one handed (short story = Fingers - Garage Door - OUCH), I made the comment that typing one handed was a challenge - and someone suggested maybe the next challenge should be to JOURNAL! YUCK YUCK YUCK! I hate to JOURNAL! Buttttttttttt I have one particular page in mind that I HAVE TO DO - and it will mean some real heart felt journaling. It is about my last visit with my Dad - before the alzheimers had taken him from us. It was a precious time - and one I always want to remember. I have some bad pictures (from an advantix camera) that help to capture the memory - but the real story is my memories and feelings. I know I need to do this page - but struggle with the idea sooooooo in order to MAKE myself complete this layout - I am going to challenge MYSELF and the rest of you - to do THAT Project! You know the one I mean - the one you've been putting off. Your challenge is: to do a project you've been procrastinating about it may be a particular layout, cleaning up your scrap area; finishing all those started project - anything goes - and you are encouraged to Scrap Your STASH!

To participate in the challenge just send a picture of your project to Scrappinpsycho@live.com along with a description.  All entries will be posted here at Scrap Our Stash.  A winner will be chosen and given the opportunity to be a Guest Design Team Member for December.  All entries must be received by 6:00 PM central time on October 31st.  Can't wait to see what THAT Project is for you!

October Challenge by Karen Williams

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Reader Karen Williams sumbitted her layout "The last day" for the October THAT Project Challenge.  She said, "the journalling is hidden it reads:

This photo was taken on a visit to my Nan, we took her out for lunch in the pub even though she did't want to go, she was struggling to walk that day. We went outside for photos before we left. The next day she collapsed getting out of bed, the cancer was back and the tumour pushing on her spine paralysed her legs. This photo was the last day before she went into the hospital. She never came home.

Now it's your turn to take the THAT Project Challenge.  See all the details in the October Challenge below.

October 28, 2010

$$Frugal Friday Tip$$

Guest Design Team Member Denise submitted this frugal tip of using scraps to create cards.

She said "I cut the pieces up into various pieces for a 4x6 card. Here’s where I use my punches. I also ink up all the pieces once this is done.
After I’ve cut it all up, I stamp sentiments and images on the pieces of cardstock and add some embellishments from my stash of embellishments. These are embellishments that are extras from kits etc.
Here’s how my cards came out.
So I enjoyed a funny movie and have some fun notes to send off to my friends and family J.

Hope you’ll give this a try!

October 27, 2010

Pagerize Christy by Stacy H-W

Design Team Member Stacy submitted this layout for the Pagerize This Challenge.  She said, "Here is my version of Christy's "Let's Eat" Pagerize This challenge.

I really loved her layout and was immediately drawn to want to "steal" it!! Almost all of it!! ha

I used pictures from my DS' Harvest Festival. The Harvest Festival is like a carnival the school uses to help raise money for the school.

He had just visited the hair painting booth had his hair painted in fun stripes of red and blue. He was so excited.

I had just gotten a "boy" kit in the mail of Doodlebug goodies in these colors. 

99% of the stuff is from Doodlebug. Ladybug la-di-dot, Sew American Stripe, Boys Only, and 1999 Skulls card stock.

I used Doodlebug Stitched Grosgrain ribbon in Ladybug.
A Doodlebug Chunky Brad in black.

I also used some Crystal Stickles and a couple of self stick gems in crystal from Darice.

I think it turned out super fun and he loves it! (isn't that what matters??!) ha

Where is your Pagerize This??  See all the details on how to submit your project for the challenge in the Pagerize This Challenge below. 

October Challenge - Joni

Well, I don't have too much that I won't try or stuff that I put off....so this challenge was a little tough for me.  I was mentioning this to my husband when he pointed out that I never finished the "Canvas" I had started for "his room".   Ok...he got me there.  So, that became "THAT" project for me.

Here is the story...  He had seen these artsy canvases (4 diff ones) that said things like LOVE, PEACE..etc.
They were like $50 each...($200...total nope..)...  I said I'd make him something like that instead ...well, that was over a year ago.  I did finally pick up some wooden squares with words on them....but they sat around too.  Then I started this canvas practicing a technique with VASELINE (which I'll share later in this post).  It too sat unused.  So I decided to put them altogether... I added some extra paint to "block" the canvas into sections and then it sat for another 2 weeks while I struggled with how to adhere the wooden blocks to the canvas/paper.  I finally just decided to glue the darn things.  So now IT'S DONE....  here it is.     And I'll share the Vaseline Masking technique.
So this canvas is 16x20... I used modge podge to adhere paper to the canvas (on the back side only..no modge podge on the top of the paper).   Then when dry....  I took VASELINE and put in on the paper in a few spots.. (like just to the left of the PEACE block and also to the left of the HARMONY block & left of the LOVE block) -- NOTE the red wood signs are not adhered at this point.  Then I applied BLACK paint over the whole thing..Paper and vaseline.  Then wait for the paint to dry. .. Now, since Vaseline doesn't dry...  you take a paper towel and wipe off the vaseline (yes this is a messy step)...  but the vaseline acts like a mask and wherever you had vaseline there will NOT be paint...you'll be wiping it off!!! 
I added extra gold & white paint to help "section" the canvas into 4 parts. 

Oh, my husband is a Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor so "his room" is a little sanctuary in our house where we do massages & Yoga.  Just so you'd know a little more of the reason for the project.

Now it's your turn to take the October Challenge - see all the details below. And don't miss the Pagerize This Challenge - details also below in Pagerize This Challenge.  

October 25, 2010

Pagerize Christy by Amy

Design Team Member Amy submitted this layout for the Pagerize This Challenge. She said, "for this challenge, i really loved how Christy used circle elements in her page. I definitely wanted to carry this over to my page. I started by cutting my four pictures down to 4x4 size and rounding the corners. Next, i glued them down and placed my painted chipboard circle over them. The paper was "too white" for me, so i lightly misted it in a peach color. Although, most people think PINK when they think Flamingos, the Flamingos in my photos were more peachy, so i chose to stay close to that color. I love how this page turned out! Thanks Christy for the challenge!
Now it's your turn to take the Pagerize This Challenge. See all the details below in the Pagerize This Challenge.

October 24, 2010

October Challenge by Laurie

Design Team Member Laurie submitted this layout for the October THAT Project Challenge.  She said, "Here's a page that is back from September 2009. Maybe not terribly long ago, but when it was such a fun topic, I don't know why it took me so long to do it! This page is about DH and my trip to see Monty Python's Spamalot in San Jose. Little did we know that I would have *the* seat that had the grail under it! I was then escorted up on stage during the performance to receive my Best Peasant Award from King Arthur himself! I got a foot statue and the award certificate shown on the layout. The polaroid is something the actors take during the performance to give to you as well. So I don't know why it took me so long to do this page, but I'm happy that it's done so I can be sure to remember the fun!
Now it's your turn to take the challenge.  What is your THAT project.  We'd love if you would share with us.  See all the details in how to submit your project in the October Challenge post below.  Also, don't miss our Pagerize This Challenge - details below.

October Challenge by Missy

Guest Design Team Member Missy submitted this layout for the October THAT Project Challenge.  She said, "When I read the challenge this month, I knew it would be a hard one for me. For the last three and a half years, I couldn't bring myself to scrap these pictures of my twins, born at 30 weeks. I haven't been able to scrap them, simply because they still make me so emotional. I felt so helpless, unable to do anything to help them get out of the NICU. And I felt guilty over not being able to carry them longer and guilty because I had to leave them to come home and care for my oldest son. It was a very emotional time for me. They stayed in the NICU for 22 days, mostly because they were too small to come home. (The hospital won't release them if they are under 5 lbs.) But you would never know looking at them today! This was a tough challenge, but I managed surprisingly well! Now maybe I can get some more of these pictures scrapped.

Now it's YOUR turn to take the THAT project Challenge.  See all the details in October Challenge - below.  And don't miss our Pagerize This Challenge going on right now.  See the Details below in Pagerize This ChallengePosted by Picasa

October 22, 2010

October Challenge by Irit

Posted by PicasaGuest Design Team Member Irit submitted this layout for the October Challenge. She said, "I finally decided to do my THAT project. For me it was to use more that 2-3 photos on one single page so, I did a page from our Morocco vacation and used 6 photos cropped thin. It was also very challenging to use Basic grey Marakkesh kit of paper. This was a very big mistake to buy it at all. These are not my colors and it was to busy too, but yet I used it here.

Now it's your turn to take the challenge. See all the details in October Challenge below.

October 21, 2010

$$Frugal Friday Tip$$

Design Team Member Christy submitted this Frugal Friday Tip on how to stamp with found items. 

Stamping is something I would like to do more of. However, being on a limited budget means I can only add to my stamp collection slowly. I also like recycling, so I am always on the lookout for items that I can re-use. I buy glue sticks for my son in bulk. After he used up the last one, I realized that part of the packaging would be perfect for a background stamp. It had a black stand to which all of the sticks were attached.

I used a little red paint, and stamped directly onto the paper. I love the effect it produced. Ink could also easily have been used with it. I splattered some red paint on the page as well. I also was able to use some leftovers on this page. I had some chipboard circles left over from a minibook project and some thin strips of papers from my DCWV green stack and Stampin up paper pack. For added effect, I used pens on these for a simple accent, though it's a little hard to see in the photo. The simple pen borders give new life to old scraps.

The colors I chose were based on the Tortuga rum cake sign. These are sold here in Nassau. I was recently in a challenge about scrapping local foods. I had never thought about that before. I realized it could be very important. Places change, even if we don't move around a lot. My Dad still lives in the town where I grew up, but a lot of the favorite places we ate are out of business. On the flip side, it could just be nice to record a restaurant and see it recorded in our albums as a family tradition years later.  Especially if it's a place you and your family frequent. Anyhow, I am on a mission to scrapbook local treats and foods that we eat while living here. I just need to get DH on board so we can go eat some conch down at the fish fry. Local foods and family recipes have become one of my many projects to complete. They may take a little time, but I do also hope to scrap some of my grandmother's recipes.

I hope you'll use this frugal tip and share it with us here at Scrap Our Stash.  Just email a picture of your project along with a description to scrappinpsycho@live.com.  Do you have a frugal tip you'd like to share.  Send it along with a picture and description to scrappinpsycho@live.com.  You could be featured in an upcoming Frugal Friday Tips.

Also, don't miss our October Challenge or the Pagerize This Challenge going on right now.  See all the details in the posts below. 

October 20, 2010

Pagerize Christy -- By Joni

Design Team Member Joni submitted this layout for the Pagerize This Challenge.  She said, "Oh....did I love that circle design on Christy's pagerize layout. So, I pretty much stuck to the general design of her layout... I cut out the center of a die-cut circle and distressed it, tearing/crumpling/inking. I used ribbon and pleated it for the vertical piece...(I used glue dots & brown staples to get it to stick). A few journal spots for embellies (popped up) & a couple stick pins I had sitting around I didn't know what to do with (they worked perfectly here). Some misting and this photo of Joseph a few weeks ago wearing his "real" cowboy hat. YEA!! I'm really happy with how this turned out!

Thanks for the great inspiration!!!

Now it's your turn to take the Pagerize This Challenge - all the details and the original layout are below in the Pagerize This Challenge.

October 19, 2010

October Challenge by Christy

Design Team Member Christy submitted this layout for the October THAT Challenge.  She said, "We all have them...projects that need to be finished. I personally have a list of them. I think that is because I take WAY too many photos. I just love photos though...so I refuse to stop. I love looking back on my son and my husband...enjoying all of the moments. Especially since, sometimes, little details slip my mind. So, here I sat, with all of my projects, trying to decide which was the one I was going to work on today. There is my wedding album, honeymoon album, the 2008 photos, current pictures (because, I try to keep up), and childhood photos(both from DH and I). I finally settled upon some photos from our trip to Vail in 2008.

DH was lucky enough to have to go to a conference there. This meant my son and I could tag along because hotel, rental car and DH's expenses were covered. We were so excited! I had seen snow, but never this much and this was my son's first time. We were told how lucky we were...it usually doesn't snow that much during the time of year we went. And here was this beautiful winter wonderland. My son was ecstatic! I captured these photos our first evening out. I had bought a ton of different winter theme papers to scrap them, but in the end, I chose to let the beauty of the photos accent the papers. To keep it simple, I stitched across some Ms. Elizabeth's stickers by hand. I did accent the photos with silver colorbox ink.


I love the simple and elegant effect. I was inspired by a friend of mine ( Erika H) and her "nature" layout over at Club CK. I am also happy to finally be using up the stash I bought to scrap these pages over 2 years ago! So, now I'm off to work on some more pages... Don't forget to work on projects you need to complete and post them here at Scrap Our Stash!  See all the details in October Challenge below.  And don't miss the Pagerize This Challenge below.

October 18, 2010

October Challenge by Libeeti

Design Team Member Libeeti submitted this layout for the October THAT Project Challenge.  She said, "my layout fits both creteria - These photos were on my "to do" list for a very long time.  I waited for a good sketch, a good muse, etc. So here it is. I also journaled a little more than I'm used to.

These photos were taken on our holiday - Purim - 2.5 years ago, and with all the Halloween challenges all around blogland, I finally got to scrap them.
I hope you'll like it.

I also have some photos from our last trip to a very beautiful place, and I want to scrap them too (also on my 'to do' list...). I'm not sure if I'll make a lo or a mini album for them. If I get to make it this month, I'll email it to you (nobody said it's not okay to enter twice, right? LOL - Right- Kathy).

Now it's your turn to take the challenge.  See all the details for the October Challenge below.  And don't miss our Pagerize This Challenge also going on right now.  Details below.
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October 17, 2010

October Challenge by Amy

Design Team Member Amy submitted this layout for the October THAT Project Challenge. She said, "My THAT project is using a photo as a background. I've always wanted to do one and finally got the push i needed to do the page! I used scrapbookpictures.com to print my photo, 12x12. This photo is of my son and father playing match box cars.

Supplies: Photo: scrapbookpictures.com; Paint: Making Memories; Letters: American crafts (green and orange), October Afternoon (black); Rub-Ons: Cosmo Cricket; Ribbon: Cosmo Cricket and other; Pin: Fancy Pants; Tag: Tim Holtz; Pen: Sakura; Cardstock: Recollections.

I wanted to document how my son always says "Papa! Sit down! Play cars!". I was able to make that my title in my negative space at the bottom. Next, i added hidden journaling, so i wouldn't distract from the layout.

Now it's your turn to take the challenge. See all the details in October Challenge below. And don't miss our Pagerize This Challenge #3 - see the details below.

October 16, 2010

October Challenge by Wendy

Design Team Member Wendy submitted this layout for the October That Project Challege.  She said, "
accomplishment when I am finished, hopefully adding a lot to my yearly page goal. I also do not like to journal, never have. I added more than normal to this layout in a letter format.
I have a HUGE stack of layouts that are started and not finished. This is the start of that pile. They should all come together quickly and it will be a great

Supplies used: Diecuts With a View paper, Close to My Heart Big Pinks Flower, and Bazzill Really Big Brad.

Now it's your turn to take the October THAT Project Challenge. See all the details in the October Challenge post below.  

October 15, 2010

October Challenge by Malina

Design Team Member Malina submitted this  single 12x12 layout design for the October challenge.  She said, "I  JUST finished after my son's first day of school in 2009.  The paper purchased perhaps a year and a half ago in eager anticipation of that first day and those great photos were pushed into a project pack where it collected embellishments, cardstock paper, stickers, and photos and there it sat until 1 month AFTER his first day of pre-school for the second year. Maybe next year I will get around to scrapping this years first day of school.

Kathy thanks for the push to get something done LOL and I should also like to thank my local scrap store design team director Mary who helped bring this page together by allowing me to dig through her stash and then gifted me the stash I loved. LOVE that I can Scrap Someone Else's Stash too LOL.

P.S. If you haven't tried them yet, the title which was cut from another piece of paper was refaced with the new Glaze pens which provided some shine, texture, and a slight bit of height to the page. Easiest embossing I ever did :)

Now it's your turn to take the Challenge.  Just complete "THAT" Project for the October Challenge.  Email a picture of your project along with a description to scrappinpsycho@live.com.  Your submission will be posted here at Scrap Our Stash and you could be chosen to be on the December Guest Design Team.  See all the details below in October Challenge

Also, don't miss the Pagerize This Challenge - see all the details in the Pagerize This #3 post below. 

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October 13, 2010

Pagerize Joni - Winner!

All I can say is ..... WOWZERS!!!! Ladies you really knocked my socks off with your pagerize of my Rockin' Surfer layout!
I must admit that this has been fun and not so fun.... Great fun to see all the awesome layouts and NOT so fun to have to choose only 1 winner....

So, I had a really tough time...I mean, really...did you guys see all those awesome layouts (and an awesome card by Ren-Yi!!)

OK...so I guess I should just say that I've been agonizing over my final choice for a couple days -- I wish I could PICK THEM ALL!!

But I just couldn't get passed how much I LOVE this layout.... so much like mine and yet sooooo different!! So simple and yet so elegant. Such a great story and great use of color.....

So without further ado..... I pass along the Pagerize torch (and it's fun and not so fun moments....)


Christy... with this awesome "Cup of Co" layout.....

Now before I leave...I wanted to mention a couple other things...

First, Denise's Sweet Layout is soooo cute, I just had to mention how close and difficult she made my decision. We'll call this our Honorable Mention!!

And...I have to mention that I asked my 7 yr old son, Joseph, to tell me his favorite...so I wanted to share his choice as well.... He loved Stacy's Seeing Santa layout.

Thanks Joni - You gave us all a great page to Pagerize! Thanks to all who participated in the challenge. I hope you enjoyed the challenge. Once again, I was blown away by how everyone's project was so like - but yet so different from the original.

So now it's Christy's turn to post a project for us all to Pagerize. Christy's Pagerize This Challenge will post on the 15th.

October 12, 2010

October Challenge by Stacy H-W

Design Team Member Stacy submitted this layout for the October That Project Challenge.  She said, "Here is "that" layout for me. A layout of my "Grumpy Old Man" who died last year.

This is probably the hardest layout I have had to make.
I loved this dog so much and when he died I just couldn't even think about honoring his memory with a layout. It was just too hard.

It has been a year since he died and I cried the whole time I was scrapping. So I guess it is still hard but doable now.  If you aren't a dog person like me, you will probably think I am being a little silly.
But this dog was like my kid before I had kids. He was my "son" for 14 years.  He was always grumpy even when he was a puppy and most people wouldn't have even wanted him because of it. But he was lucky to get me because I had a hole in my heart and he filled it. He was loyal and protective and loved me too.

Heck, I'm crying while I type this...so lets get to the supplies.
I used Basic Grey Max and Whiskers stuff that I won in a challenge and Sassafras Lass Alphas for the title work. I used a Sassafras Lass Stamp and a Basic Grey Stamp with some brown Ranger Archival ink. The great sketch is from Sketches in Thyme.

I made the leaves by stamping the leaf pattern on my pp and then used my bone folder to outline the veins and then folded each vein to give them depth and dimension.
So here is my "that" layout....where is yours??  See all the details on how to submit your "That" Project in the October Challenge post below.

October 11, 2010

Pagerize Joni by Kathy

Posted by PicasaHere is my feable attempt at "pagerizing" Joni.  I loved the idea of using the white paint to soften an otherwise busy paper.  But didn't feel real successful.  This is definately not what I was going for - although when I look at it now, I like it a little bit better than I did when I was working on it.  In the future I plan to soften a paper that I have already chosen - trying to find the right paper to soften was crazy!  And I also plan to water the paint down and spread it further so it looks more like a wash.  I actually stamped the title - which I don't usually (never) do - but I was so not liking the page that I didn't want to waste any more time on it by cutting a title and then having to glue it down.  Joni's is a great layout - mine is a cheap copy!:D

Thanks for sharing it with us Joni - it really was a fun page - and I really do plan on pagerizing it again in the future.

Don't forget the Pagerize This Challenge ends tonight at midnight.  See all the details in the Pagerize This Challenge below.  Joni will be picking a winner from all the submissions - and the new Pagerizer will be announced on Friday, October 15th.

October and Pagerize Challenge

Design Team Member Monica submitted this layout for both the Pagerize This and the October Challenge.  She said, "I wanted to do both challenges this month but have been so busy that I decided to combine them into one.

I decided to scrap these pictures of my son and my grandma who passed away in Dec.2008. She passed away just a few days before Christmas unexpectedly. She was my last grandparent to pass away and was only able to see my son twice. After she passed away I knew I wanted to scrap the only two pictures I had of her and my son. I printed extra copies but just couldn't get myself to scrap them, until now. Thank you Kathy for this challenge. I can look at these now and not get so sad about her being gone but be happy that she was able to hold my son!!
I loved Joni's layout and lifted most of it! I haven't used paint on a page in a long time so I tried that. I felt like it was a little messy but most got covered up! Thank Joni for the inspiration!
Now it's your turn - Submit your layout to scrappinpsycho@live.com.  You could be chosen to be a member of the December Design Team.  See all the details below in October Challenge or Pagerize This Challenge.

October 10, 2010

Pagerize Joni by Libeeti

Here is Design Team member Libeeti's take on Joni's layout for the Pagerize This Challenge.  She said, "From the fab lo Joni made, I took the theme of her (mine...) boy having fun at the seeside. I handcut the felt birdies and stamped the branch with acrylic paint (I love the different effect acrylic paint gives to stamping). The title says in Hebrew: "Free Like a Bird". I also used some glimmer mist, bandage colored with acrylic, and distressed the edges of the patterned paper.  Thank you for the inspiration.
Time is running out - the Pagerize This Challenge ends at midnight on the 12th.  See all the details in the post below.
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