February 9, 2010

February Challenge

Be Positive by Tere
March Guest Design Team member Tere used papers she got last year as a prize from an online crop for the February "10" challenge. She used 10 wire hearts (which she has had forever), 10 beads, and the title "Be Positive" also has a total of 10 letters.
Tere made the butterfly by folding 2 flowers in the middle, each flower makes one wing, then she glued on beads to form the body.

Now it's your turn. How will you answer the Challenge? See all the details below in February Challenge. You could be a member of our Guest Design Team too.


  1. Tere...I LOVE the way you used the number 10 in your layout!! The butterfly is so creative and I love the wire hearts and the beads. I have the same papers and I've been using them for my Europe travel album, but this is a great way to use up the extras I know I'll have left over.

  2. Nice layout Tere! I love how you created the butterfly!! Great way to use the number 10. Thanks for sharing your layout with us.

  3. I never would have thought to count the letters in your title. Clever way to use the challenge. I also like the way you stacked the hearts on your page.

  4. Great use of the 10 prompt. I like that you actually did a layout of yourself and I think your goal to be more positive is a great one! I need to put that into practice more too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow, so many 10's - well done! Great use of beads - love that butterfly!

  6. Love the white space and the use of the 10's!!! Neat layout!