July 1, 2010

$$Frugal Friday Tip$$

Dried out paint by Joni

So, tell me if this has ever happened to you?....
You search through your paints....looking for the perfect color to match your layout.....you find it...the perfect color.... So you open up the bottle AND.........the paint is a clumpy mess!!! This has happened more than once to me...and I was just throwing away the bottle of paint. Then I realized I was throwing $$ right in the trash. So here is what I do now!!!

Perfect color paint -- Actually opened the seal on a brand new bottle (ok, never opened but I may have had it a few years)

Yep, it's all dried out...this paint actually has some moisture in it...(some I've found to be even more dried out).

I dig some out using the non-brush end of a paint brush & spread it onto my item (chipboard in this case)

I wipe it all around with my finger (yep, finger painting....and I don't mind getting dirty!!)

Now here's the important step:
Put a layer of Diamond Glaze or other clear adhesive over it (this will keep the dry paint from flaking off.

This little piece was only for the background behind the little doggie so he wasn't floating off my layout.


  1. Good Tip Joni! I usually trash the dried up paint. I have to start playing with my paints more. tfs

  2. Awesome tip! No more dried paint in the trashcan!!!

  3. Awesome Idea Joni!!!!

    I read the instructions, but at least for me only the fisrt picture is showing up!

    I'd love to see the others, as I have tons os paints and I bet lot of them are dried!

  4. I'm in San Fran & I know Kathy skef this post. But there were more photos. I'll put them all up on my personal blog on Saturday after I get home.

  5. thanks for the tip. i often have dried out gel pens and other markers. i hope someone throw in a frugal tip for that.

  6. Great tip! You're layout was beautiful!