July 7, 2012

July STARS and STRIPES by Amy

Reader, Amy has submitted a layout for our July STARS and STRIPES challenge! Here is what she said about it and her page :)

Although both of my boys have left very dear footprints on my heart, my youngest sons' heart surgery at the beginning of the year really stands out.
He really surprised me in every way. His surgery went perfect and his recovery went just as well! Within 6 days of surgery he was up and running around! I had no idea this strong little boy was capable of such a miracle! Thank You Lord!
I hadn't thought about it like this until I seen the challenge I mentioned above but the footprints left by the miracle of life are firmly placed in my heart.

I thought the layout that I made after his recovery really fit with my "footprints". (Sorry for the glare!)

Thanks for checkin me out! =)
Happy Scrappin!!


Would you like to now play along with us? Go here for details so we can see how you use stars and stripes :)


  1. awe... what a great reason for the layout. Lovin' the colors and that title-work if FAB!
    Sarah xo

  2. What a precious LO! I pray that your little one in Blessed with great health and happiness :)

  3. Amy, what a blessing you've shared with all of us and preserved on this great layout! It's important for us to remember to memorialize the harder parts of life too, not just the happy things! Thanks for sharing your super star son (and layout) with us at SOS! God bless!

  4. Aww, what a brave little guy! Thanks for sharing his story. What a lovely layout! Love the title work! Great job on the challenge! Thanks for joining in with us!

  5. Thank you everyone! Yes, he is NOW very blessed with EXcellent health, thank you for your well wishes and compliments! Also, your right, even the hard times should be captured, they are important too! On this LO I just really wanted to show his wonderful happy face, although I had to resort to tooting noises to get the smiles, they were well worth it, and I'd even do it again! LOL. Thanks again, I'll be back for sure! =)

  6. So glad his surgery and recovery went well. What a nice layout to mark such a huge event. I like that you included so many pictures. Good job!

  7. Neat layout, I like the letters!

  8. So glad to hear all is well!

  9. It just shows that scrapbooking is such a lovely way to preserve our life momories, even the tough times, as they make us appreciate everything so much more. I love the celebratory look to your layout, I guess it captures exactly how you feel :-) K x

  10. I don't think I could have done a layout before his surgery. I couldn't concentrate on anything and they probably would have looked a little off.. I'll have to post the layout when I finish it of his "I'm Back and I'm 4!" party for his St Patty's birthday just 2 months after his surgery, No one can believe that he was ever "down" for a moment!=) Thank you everyone for your comments!

  11. Great layout, love the colors! Glad your son recovered so quickly!!!