November 11, 2012

Pagerize Wendy by Groovy Deb♥

It's the last day to Pagerize Wendy! Here is hers once more and then mine will follow :) Deb♥

I took from Wendy's using blue and the three photos on the right side of my left page. Wow that was a mouthful lol! I also liked how she embellished her page so I embellished mine on the left of those pics like she did. Thanks to Wendy for helping me to get this in the book! I even added a second page!!! This was my daughter Katelyn's 8th birthday. We went out for a mani/pedi and had a good time :) TFL! Deb♥


  1. Great job turning it into a 2 pager! Love the tags.

  2. I wouldn't have thought of creating a 2-page layout, great idea!