September 2, 2010

$$Frugal Friday Tip$$

Hello, It's me Tere . Today,  I have a little tutorial for decorative envelopes.  I love making my own embellishments for 3 reasons:
1. The original ones, tend to be a little bit  expensive,  
2.  It makes me happy :) and
3. My husband thinks he has a very frugal wife! :)

Let me show you a picture of the final product.

- Packaging paper. 
- Eyelets
- Crop-a-dile or any eyelet setter
- Buttons
- Thread
- Small circle punch or other shape ( I used a heart)
- Needle and thread 

1. Cut a rectangular piece of paper (the size depends on how big you want your envelope to be). Using a journaling block shape, one of those very popular ones; trace a decorative edge on one of the ends,  then fold the paper to form the envelope.

2. Punch 2 circles , or in my case, hearts. With the Crop-a-Dile. Punch one hole on the center of the decorative edge you just cut, and one on the other end of the envelope, and one on each of the circles.

3. Cut a 9" piece of thread.  We'll work on the decorative edge first. Place the thread on the punched hole, then your circle (heart), then the eyelet and set it in place. Do the same on the other end, this time with no thread.
Glue the envelop closed and tie the thread around the circles.  Easy right? Here is the first envelope:

4. For the next envelope, We are going to use scalloped decorative scissors,   If you don't have them, you can use a small circle to trace the scallops all around.

5. Repeat step #3, but this time you can use buttons instead of eyelets.

6. For the last envelope, repeat step #4. But now, using a paper punch, punch circles on each of the scallops. Repeat Step #3.  This is my favorite envelope!!!

You can use cardstock to make them too, I  justhappened to have some of this packaging paper.

OK... hope you like them... see you soon!!!  
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  1. These look store bought. I always love the way things look in the packaging/kraft style paper. It's like it holds a wonderful and mysterious surprise and you just want to open it right away.

  2. Really cute envelopes....great tutorial.

  3. What a great idea thanks for sharing!

  4. These are really cool!! Now I just have to be on top of things long enough to have time to make them!! Too cute! And I love using packaging paper, it gives them a vintage look!

  5. They all look so awesome! I am itching to go try to make one myself. Great idea!!

  6. They look great! Love the idea of packaging paper, you can get it in bulk real cheap! I love your personal stamp too! tfs

  7. Such am awesome look! Thanks for tht tut, Tere.
    I must try it.

  8. So neat. This is definitely a must try

  9. i have a huge role of packaging paper - and have only been using it to wrap large gifts or packages. what a great idea. thanks for sharing.

  10. Tere I LOVE these!! What a great idea! I like the idea of making this to hid journaling in on a lo!