September 30, 2010

Goodbye - Hello

It's time to say Goodbye to 2 of our Design Team Members. 

Brittney said, "I've become so busy with work that I can hardly find time for myself, let alone scrapping, and I feel that I am not giving the blog my all as of late. Hopefully you understand, and I will definitely participate in the challenges as often as I can."

Rachel said, "I'm sorry to have to say that with my last semester of classes, there is little time for me to scrap these days and I am going to have to step down. I will complete the September challenge, but after that I will step down from the DT. Thank you for all of the wonderful support and challenges. I will continue to follow along and play when I can"!

Both of these ladies have been great contributors to the blog and will be missed - but as someone recently said, "it's a shame when life gets in the way of our scrapping".  We wish both ladies the best in their future endeavors - and hope they will come play when they can.

Say Hello to 3 new Design Team Members:

I have asked Stacy, Libeeti and Malina to stay on as Design Team Members. 

Each of these ladies have become very active members at the blog and I can't wait to see their future contributions.

Would you like to become a Guest Design Team Member?  It's quite easy - just take one of the challenges and you could be chosen as one of our future Guest Design Team Members. 


  1. Thanks so much for asking me to be on the DT!! I can't wait to get busy with the great challenges and see what everyone else comes up with! Stacy H-W

  2. Brittney and Rachel, good luck and thanks for all the creativity and inspiration you have given us here!!

  3. Best of luck to the both of you. Welcome new DT members.

  4. Rachel and Brittney - sad to see you go - hope you have time to come back and visit often.

    Congratulations Stacy, Libeeti & Malina - this should be lot of fun!

  5. It's always sad to see people go. Good luck to you both! As for our new team members, welcome aboard and congratulations!

  6. First - sad to see Rachel & Brittney go! thanks for being around when i first joined. You guys cheered me on and it really meant a lot. I'm looking forward to your occasional contributions!

    To Stacy, Libeeti & Malina - you've been great and been such dedicated contributors. glad to have you on the team! congrats!

  7. Girls we are going to miss you! I hope you get a chance to play along once and a while! And welcome to the team, Stacy Libeeti and Malina!