September 9, 2010

$$Frugal Friday Tip$$

Guest Design Team Member Chisty submitted this Frugal Friday Tip. 

Recently, I did a swap on Club Ck in which the goal was to exchange "baddies"...also known as products in less than mint condition. I received several rub-ons. I have a love/hate relationship with rub-ons. They don't always go on as you would like them to. Sometimes spots are missing or just look less than perfect. In this case, parts of the rub-on were missing right from the rub-on sheet.

                                        You can see the parts missing from the word friend.

I hate trashing anything, so, I pulled out a new and favorite stash item to fix them...Stickles.

The first step is to place the rub-on on your page in the desired location.

If parts of the rub-on are missing or broken, use a marker in a color as close as you can match, and fill in the missing parts. Just do your best.

                                    Notice how the black marker is not a direct match to the rub-on.

Next, apply stickles over the rub-on. The stickles hide any mismatched colors, pen strokes, or unevenness (if you are like me and can't perfectly match the font or shape of the rub-on).

In this case, I used diamond stickles. Coordinated color stickles or even perfect pearls would hide any imperfections and allow you to easily use a broken or imperfect rub-on."

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  1. great idea for getting the most out of your rub-ons.

  2. Great tip - I hate when rub-ons don't work right! Great way to salvage them!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great tip!! I don't really like rub-ons for the same reason but I have some! I will have to try this! Thanks!

  4. What a great tip Christy! I frequently have this problem with rubon's. I will definitely be trying this "fix". thanks for the idea...stacy h-w

  5. ha - what a great tip, Christy. i must try this. thanks for sharing!

  6. Great tip! I like rub-ons but have learned it's a product where brand makes a big difference!