December 17, 2009

$$Frugal Friday Tips$$

There is Snow Place Like Home for the Holidays by Danielle

Posted by PicasaDanille used the leftover clear plastic packaging from some embellishments to create her acrylic snowflakes. She cut snowflakes out of the plastic packaging with her Sizzix die cutting machine. This technique could be done with most manual die cutting machines, and if the packaging is thin enough, you may even be able to use a punch. You just have to experiment with it.

Danielle then glued the snowflakes to her page and covered them with Crystal Stickles. Her goal was for the layout to have the feel of a snow globe, with snowflakes falling all around. Which she did achieve with her recycled “faux” snowflakes.

Danielle said "this is a good way to save money by using something that you would normally have thrown away". Who would have ever though that something so beautiful could be created with "trash". This technique could also be used to cut out "ghost letters" for a title. The possibilities are endless.

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  1. Awesome tip Danielle!! :) The snowflakes are stunning and a great addition to your layout. I've been saving my clear packaging plastic to do this very thing, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Now I'll have to try it for sure!

  2. Great tip Danielle. I love the snowflakes. They are beautiful. Love the picture of the snow falling. Makes me miss the snow...but only for a second :)

  3. I too have a stash of clear packaging...boy are we all peas in a pod or what? This is perfect insiration to get them out and use them. (plus I used some to make candy boxes for xmas gifts from one of Danielle's prior project posts). This layout with the snowflakes is just absolutely gorgeous!!!

  4. First I love that picture and your title! What a great idea to use the plastic. I always through stuff like that away, NO more. Thansk for the great tip!

  5. Wow, thanks for the idea.
    I hate that I don't have any, as I always trhow them away!!!
    But after reading this post. I'll be more carful