January 28, 2010

$$Frugal Friday Tip$$

Memoribilia on your Page by Megan B

My tip is to use your memorabilia on your pages. They can be used as design elements or as accents. If you are worried about your pages being acid-free, then be sure to spray your memorabilia with acid neutralizing spray. Other fun memorabilia types to use on your layouts could include plane tickets, emails, movie stubs, menus, drawings, programs, maps, receipts, clothing tags, shopping lists, stickers/labels etc. Use your imagination and see what you can find around you that helps complete the story you are telling with your pictures. The best part is that these items are usually free and have the appropriate logos or names already on them.

On the Neuhaus layout, I punched the circles from a box that the chocolates came in and added them to my layout as accents. The pamphlets that came with the chocolates showed what types of chocolates were included in the box, so I glued it down at the top, then popped the circles up with foam squares so the pamphlet would easily tuck behind the circles to keep them closed in my page protector. The smaller squares were actual tags that were wrapped around some other chocolates we purchased from the same shop, and the green ribbon with the name “Neuhaus” on it was the ribbon that was wrapped around the box to keep it closed.

On the Kinder Egg layout, I used the actual foil wrapper from the chocolate egg and the actual paper that came folded up inside the egg with my toy car. I wrapped the foil around a piece of cardstock to keep it sturdy, then cut it down to the size I needed. The paper with the smart cars on it was glued directly onto an orange piece of pattern paper to help it stand out and coordinate with my layout.

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  1. Great ideas Megan! I like how you popped up the circles to hold down the chocolate descrpt. insert. Both layouts look very nice!

  2. KINDER EGGS!!!! If I sent you my address, would you mail me some? ;) This really brings back memories, my Dad would bring them back for me when I was a kid. I think I still have a few of the toys in my desk drawer right now!

    This is beautifully done! I've been looking for ideas like this to help empty out my Ephemera box, and this really has the wheels turning... I also really like the way everything is nicely balanced without appearing "grid-like." Not to mention, it's about one of my favorite subjects, Chocolate!!

  3. Megan, both layouts are beautiful! I like how you incorporated the ribbon and wrappings from the candy onto your pages. I also like the designs of your layouts. You were able to include a lot of info without making the pages look cluttered. Great job!

  4. Great ideas!!!!
    I love how well you incororated those itms to yur pages.
    I have some memorabilia, but always have a hard time taking th decision of adding it to my pages.
    I really need to try it!

  5. Rachel...I wish I had more of these eggs left. I first had some of them when I was a German exchange student, but we were able to bring some back for our kids when we went on this vacation a couple of years ago. Wish I had a way to get them over here now though...yummy!! :) I have also saved a bunch of the toys from my high school trip...some of them were even metal toys...too cool!

    And thanks for the comments--this is my favorite way to scrapbook--by using the scraps I save from our everyday lives on my layouts. Sometimes I have to get creative, but it's neat to see those items...tags, labels, etc from those years b/c they inevitably change in style over time. It's neat to capture life and design as it is today.

  6. I also do this.
    Your layout reminds me of one I did on Rogers Chocolates. We got a tour. My page was full of ribbon and such from their packaging.

    Cute layout.