January 8, 2010

January Challenge

Zebra Frame by Kimmarie
The following is a layout and frame I made for my daughter (she is pictured on the left).

For Christmas, Sara, my daughter, gave me some zebra pattern paper which was nice, surprising and not my style. lol I thanked her of course only for her to tell me that she bought it for "me" so I can make a frame for the layout I made for her over Thanksgiving weekend. She also wants me to make another frame to match for another layout I did of her and her cousin Daryl. Sara has her own scrapping style, but doesn't scrap much, so when she asks me to scrap pictures for her or something like this frame, I pretty much have to go with the papers and embellies she wants and try to do my best with them. I painted the inside and outside of the frame pink and added some bling and hearts where the seams are. Sara's bedroom theme is zebra print and pink so she was very happy with the project.

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  1. I think that is sooo totally cool to scrap something "special", even though it's not your style. Great "challenge" I guess, kids are good for that!! Great job! Great showcase of the Jan SOS challenge!!!

  2. I am glad that you showed a project using something that is out of your comfort zone. You did a great job with this. I especially like the pink paint on the inside of the frame. It adds a little feminine touch to the wildness of the zebra paper.

  3. Very cute frame! I love how you can see part of the pink showing through. Too funny that she gave you a present with a purpose...but I love how it turned out! :)