May 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning Challenge

After by Christine & Jim!

Posted by PicasaChrisine submitted the pictures of her completed Scrap area. Her husband designed & constructed the corner cabinet and the standing cabinet and cart. The cart can be removed from the cabinet and moved for convenience. The last picture is of the back of the cart - a perfect place to store scraps....
To see Christine's Before pictures - go to labels and click on Christine!
I actually got to try out her scrap area during spring break!
It's still not to late for you to send your before pictures - we will continue this challenge as long as it takes for everyone to get their After pictures completed. See all the details below in Spring Cleaning Challenge.


  1. Looks Beautiful! Job well done. Definitely a room to be creative in. Be nice to your hubby. lol tfs

  2. It look so neat and clean! Very nice!

  3. This looks so neat and organized! I wish I could get mine to look like that!

  4. This is beautiful and I love the furniture!

  5. Wow! Such great craftsmanship! I love the way your room turned out!

  6. I am for the most part nice to my husband...for the most part ;)

    I love this space. I only wish I was really good at scrapping like he is really good at woodworking.

    Thanks for all the nice compliments, the space is beautiful.