May 30, 2010

May Challenge

Squirt Buddies by Joseph
Design Team Member Joni's son Joseph submitted this layout for the May "Get Out of Your Box" Challenge. Here is their description:

Hi, my name is Joseph and my momma is a scrapbooker. I wanted to do a scrapbook page this week so I asked Momma to help me. I picked pictures of me and Kyle playing Super Soakers. I asked for half white paper and half blue paper. Momma made me pick out the blue. Then I got crayons out of my homework box and melted them like drips of water.

Momma (Joni Parker) here...noting that 1) he is done explaining... 2) I held the heat gun 3) the rest of the story is..... he dug through my extensive alphabet collection to pick out letters that were "kind of cursivey" (his words). And then wrote (with pen) the "journaling".

The reason we are submitting this layout is because when my 6 year old son decided he wanted to "do challenges" with me, I felt that the more the merrier!! So, I figured this was a good place to start. Talk about "outside the box"!!! 6 year old, MALE...melting crayons on a scrapbook page? Yep!

And...I encourage you to get your kids involved in your "ART" -- I had a total blast just watching him be creative and telling me what he wanted next. After an hour (or less), he was done and I was able to get back to work.....INSPIRED by my own son!!

Thanks for letting him share!! I've told him that he gets to read the comments that you guys leave about his layout, so PLEASE leave him some love!!

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  1. Great page, Joseph! I am liking the technique with the melted crayons...I just might need to try this. A great thing to think of for a layout involving water. Nice choice in letters too. Hope we may see more of your work soon! :)

  2. Joseph! This is AWESOME! I love how you used the crayons- it looks just like water! Great job with your scrapbooking- can't wait to see more!!!

  3. Joseph...I'm so happy that you decided to scrapbook with me this week. I love that you knew exactly what you wanted to do...and then did it!! Your scrapbook page is totally beautiful and I am very proud of you for sharing it with all my friends on the blog. You are an artist, just like all those we saw at the Art Museum... God has graced us all with creativity. Good job, Bubba!

  4. Joseph

    Your layout is great - looks like your mom's talent has rubbed off on you. Love your colors and your letter selection is super cool.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Joesph, this is fabulous! LOVE the letters you picked and love the melted crayon idea! How brilliant!

  6. Joesph, you did an awesome job! You are one talented young man. Thanks for sharing your great page with us!

  7. What a great layout Joseph! My kids love to scrapbook with me too, in fact that is how we spent all day today!

  8. Joseph - Your page is awsome! I really like it. Thanks for putting me on it! Kyle