November 14, 2010

Show N' Tell Sunday - Joni #2

Ok...Joni sharing again!   My parents are visiting for 3 weeks (from Ohio). 

Anyone have something they want to Show N' Tell?  Send whatever you want to share by email to scrappinpsycho@live.comSHOW N' TELL SUNDAY - is a forum where you can share anything you want to Show N' Tell. For example a layout you've completed that you'd like to share - but it doesn't fit into the challenges, or maybe a new technique you've tried and want to share, a new purchase, a great bargain, a great picture you've taken, a link to a great blog, a special accomplishment in your life. Anything that you'd like to share. It will be open to anyone who wants to share. Just email me a picture (if possible) and a description to  - I'll collect the submissions throughout the week - and then post them on Sunday.

I do retain the right to edit or not include any submissions I deem inapporpriate for this forum.


  1. oopps, I started to share this and was going to write more...then decided it was kinda boring, so I thought I deleted it. Anyway...not big news, but my parents ARE visiting... They're older (80's) and it's nice to have them around for a while and they get to spend time w/thier 1st grandson who just turned 7.

  2. Enjoy your time! I'm sure they'll enjoy the time with you and your family.

    Thanks for sharing!