December 19, 2010

December Challenge - by Ren-Yi

Design Team Member Ren-Yi submitted this card for the December Birthday Challenge.  She said, "the current Scrap Our Stash December Challenge is near and dear to my heart. It is through this wonderful group that I got my first "recognition" for anything crafty and dear Kathy gave me a chance to be a Guest Designer. And now I have been on this team with a bunch of talented, fun and caring ladies - it's been an amazing journey thus far.

So when this month's challenge is in honor of Scrap Our Stash turning the big ONE, I thought what better then to post a birthday project that I had not shared with you.

This birthday project was actually a CASE study on Claire's really creative work. I fell in love with her boat, so when a friend had a birthday coming up, I knew that the perfect gift was going to be a gift card for a day's worth of sailing. He has picked up sailing as a hobby this year and went to sailing school to get his license. What I love most about this friend is that when he says he wants to learn sailing, he'll actually follow through and go get that sailing license. The only sad thing is we were not sure where he goes sailing, so we could not gift him a gift card. Instead we had to give him his sailing trip in the form of cold, hard cash. I hope, he didn't mind.

Happy Birthday, Sailor Boy

Here another up-close look at the captain's face. It really looks like my friend ;)

Happy Birthday, Sailor Boy

You still have time to throw something birthday-like into the December Birthday Challenge. Perhaps you'll be picked as the next Guest Designer?  See all the details on how to submit your Birthday project in December Challenge below.

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