May 5, 2011

Pagerize This Challenge # 9

Karen's Nemo is our 9th layout to be pagerized in our "Pagerize This Challenge" Karen was chosen by Helena as the winner of the Pagerize This Challenge # 8.

Karen said:  I chose this LO because I love the bright colours and the summer feel.

I also thought there were lots of elements to Pagerize.

The LO is about our trip last summer to the Nemo Science center in Amsterdam and I used the tickets from the day as a design feature as they were so cool.  I'm hoping that Pagerizers will use some mementos or ephemera on their LO.

Each month on the 15th we will post a new layout for you to "pagerize" (plagerize, copy, lift, steal) whatever term you want to use. The idea will be - to use the posted layout as your inspiration to create your own layout. You can "pagerize" as much or as little of the original layout as you choose. You may want to make a layout just like the one posted - or you may just want to use something about the layout as your inspiration. It's totally up to you.

Once you've completed your layout - email a picture and brief description to  All entries will be posted here at Scrap Our Stash. The challenge runs through midnight central time on May 12th. The "Pagerizer" (in this case Karen), will then choose a winner from all the entries. The winner will be announced on May 14th. Then the winner will be asked to submit a layout for us to "Pagerize" starting on the 15th of May.
Now it's your turn to take the Pagerize This Challenge # 9.
Be sure to scroll down the page - Scrap Our Stash posts something new everyday.


  1. Love it!! I really like how you did the title, and the black and white photos with the color photo! Nice page to pagerize! I hope that I get a few minutes to try!

  2. I love this - and hope to get time to take the Challenge.

  3. This will definitely be a fun page to lift!

  4. Cute! Printing this out for inspo on my table!!

  5. Oh, I love this layout! I want to lift it, definitely!!!

  6. Karen congrats on winning.... super cool layout!