December 12, 2011

December Anything Goes Challenge by Sarah

Every year I make *something* to decorate around the house...
Figure with 4 kids leaving home at some point (no rush... yet!) they will be taking some of it with them.
For now, the more the Merrier!
This year it's this 'Santa's Little List Helper' Sign.
It's been a HUGE hit so far.

We had to make 1 rule though:
You can flip anyone else from Nice/Naughty or back,
BUT not yourself.

It started off as this $2 sign from Dollar-Rama:

I peeled the 'Family' Letters off, easily done with an exacto knife. They're just so pretty, so I'm saving them for another project.
Waste not, Want not!
The sign was then spray painted in a glossy white, 3 coats to get over the pink flowers that kept popping through.
The 'frame' was made using Making Memories Masking Tape laid over the edges of the cut pattern paper I added with a glue stick.

The Dangling Flippers are 2 1/2" disks punched out of heavy cardstock. Ran the black ribbon down in between and then stapled and glue gunned them to the back of the sign. I know they're going to get flipped a *lot* in this house so I wanted to make durn' tootin' sure they wouldn't come off the back.
Printed the Nice and Naught out on the printer using perty fonts and punched them out with fancy frame punch.
Inked the edges with Stampin' Up! Stampin' Spots.

The Title was done mostly with a Sticker Set I've been hoarding for a few years. The 'List' is Thickers the rest was that set by Recollections.

Our names were also done on the printer then cut out free-hand and matted, again free hand.
So that's my Project for Christmas 2011!

Now it's your turn to take the December Anything Goes Challenge. The challenge is to do just that - Anything! To participate in the challenge just complete a project and email a picture of your project along with a description to

All submissions will be posted to The Scrap Our Stash blog and on December 31st a winner will be chosen, and given the opportunity to be a Guest Design Team Member for the month of February. This challenge ends at midnight central time on December 31st.


  1. We try to make a little something for around the house every year. I think it makes for some nice keepsakes. Yours is a really nice project and looks looks like it was easy to make.

  2. Sarah this is totally fun! What a cute idea. Love the idea of making some decorations every year. Cute!!

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  4. Love this idea! So cute and clever. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Sarah, this is such a fun and cool project!!

  6. Brilliant ... what a way to persuade everyone to do their bit ... I am full of admiration for you :) Elizabeth

  7. What a great idea - I'm sure this had made for a lot of family fun - and this will be something that will always be remembered. You did a fabulous job! I would change your to nice!