June 20, 2010

June Challenge

You are number 6 by Joni

Design Team Member Joni submitted this layout for the June Stitching Challenge. This is what she said:

"I had picked out this photo and was ripping pieces of yellow fabric that I was intending to use like ribbon....but when I was done ripping and looked down at my cardstock, there was this cool random design. So, how to adhere it and keep the design?? So, I layed a blank 8x10 transparancy over the fabric strips and took it to my sewing machine.... I randomly stitched on the yellow trying to be sure to get lots of places that overlapped. Then I "ripped off" the transparancy off from the stitching. I had to cut in some places to get it off, but it worked well to keep my original design. I kept the stitching yellow so it may be hard to see, but I wanted to share this example of stitching that wasn't really showing...but rather was used like an adhesive element.
I loosely used sketch 67 from the Scrappiest."
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Send a picture and brief description of your "stitching" project to scrappinpsycho@live.com. You could be chosen as a winner of either the June Challenge Prize Package or be chosen to be a member of the Guest Design Team. See all the details in June Challenge below.


  1. I love how this came together! It's so nice when we do somethign random on our page and find that it works. It kind of goes to show you that we all need to let go a little more on our pages.

  2. great page! I love how you took your idea and ran with it! super creative!

  3. Great idea - you are so cleaver!

    I think it's interesting - Niko who is also 6 - was # 6 in T-ball this season.

  4. Awesome idea Joni. I was going to ask you how you glued the strips down! =) then I read the answer!!!

  5. what a neat trick w/ the transparency. i will have to keep this in the bag 'o tricks. thanks for sharing.

  6. Very cool technique. I like the randomness of the fabric strip in creating decoration for the page. Great job!

  7. Very cool page! I love how it turned out, and I really like the black and yellow!