June 26, 2010

June Challenge

Hello by Ren-Yi

Guest Design Team Member Ren-Yi submitted this card for the June Stitching Challenge. Here is what she shared about her experience: "I recently bought a sewing machine to learn how to sew. In case anyone is searching for a entry-level with lots of functionality I recommend getting a Brother CS6000i. According to a sewing friend, my machine was very intuitive to use. I can't really make that kind of assessment since I'm a newbie to any kind of sewing, so I will take her word on it. Since SOS was offering a June Stitch Challenge I saw this as a perfect opportunity to get down & dirty with the basics of sewing. So off I went to design a card based around stitching. Other sewing projects were also on my mind and I was picking up fabric, when I decided that I would cut a little corner off and use it in my card. I thought of creating an easy shaped template to cut out the space, fill the negative space with fabric, backing, and poly-fill to create a cushiony, three-dimensional card, and add a hand-written sentiment on the bottom to give it more of that "stitched with love" feeling. Here is what I learned
* Do not use organic shapes as your first sewing assignment. Stick with straight lines. And practice navigating around.
* Read the sewing machine's manual. There is a tension knob to help adjust threading so that the bottom thread does not poke through the top. And practice various tension settings on card stock.
* Choosing the stitch length directly effects how easily one can navigate the curves. Practice in this would have also helped.
* Pre-piercing the sentiment with a pushpin or needle makes it easier to hand-stitch the sentiment.
* Use heavier card stock.

I am a little disappointed in some of the off-track stitching and boo-boos that happened, but as a first-attempt or proof of concept I think I managed to achieve what I wanted to. I will definitely try this kind of card again after I have become more comfortable sewing and getting to know the ins and outs of my sewing machine. Let's see if I can't give it a cleaner look then...In the meantime wish me luck on my pajama pants. Here is hoping that both pant legs come out the same length! What was your first sewing project? Any pointers?"

Now it's your turn - do you have a new sewing machine you need to try out - or have you always wanted to stitch on a layout - but just haven't yet - or is stitching on a layout or card just an everyday thing for you? Why not take the challenge and send a picture to scrappinpsycho@live.com. Hurry, the challenge ends on June 30th. See all the details below in June Challenge.

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  1. Ren-Yi I think your card looks great! I love that you made the butterfly 3D - very brave for your first project. If your bobbin ever gets tangled, make sure that the starting thread in the bobbin isn't sticking out. My bobbin kept getting all my thread tangled and my cousin told me that was the reason. So glad she told me, I was about to give up on sewing. tfs

  2. GORGEOUS! I love the stitched hello!

  3. I love that it's a puffy card - cute!

  4. I love that your incorporated fabric! The whole card is SO cute! I love that stitched hello too. Great job!

  5. Great job! You're ambitious to start off like this but I think it turned out great! I keep to squares/rectangles for now. :)

  6. Don't be dissappointed in the boo boos. I really think your card has a warm,simple elegance to it. I have made errors when stitching. Friends have reminded me that it adds character and a sense of "realness" to the project. some people even do boo boos on prupose to achieve that handmade look.

  7. Kimmarie Baker - thanks for your tip. I have had my share of bobbins run-in lately.

    Rach H - the stitched hello was the only part i felt i had control over ;)

    Wendy K - puffy enough to be someone's pin cushion ;)

    CreativeChretin - the fabric was just so at hand :) Didn't have pattern paper at hand. Probably would have worked just as well.

    Laurie Marmon - you know -- i've taken a step backwards. i like the straight lines too now ;)

    Emeraldvalkyrie - thank you for your kind words. And thank you for the much-needed reminder about booboo's adding a home-made feel. Sometimes I'm a little OCD about perfection ;)

    Belinda - thanks, PC Idol!

  8. cute idea - great use of your stash - even if it is fabric and not paper!

  9. Scrap Our Stash Challenge - go green, right? ;) i have yet to sew that fabric into another pair of pajama pants!