June 25, 2010

June Challenge

Rocks by Joni

Design Team Member Joni submitted this layout for the June Stitch Challenge. Here is what she said.

"This story is from a few months ago, but I finally got the photo I needed to document it. I had blocked (no layering) all my pieces and finished the layout and realized it just needed a little "extra umph". So I hand stitched XXX's in 2 different spots and it adds a little touch to pull all the pieces together without overwhelming the photo or story. I just punched 4 holes for the top and 4 holes for the bottom of the X's (yes, I used a tool from Timeless touches that has evenly spaced holes, but you can just use a ruler, or do it by eye) ...and used embroidery floss to make the stitches. Here's my tip when doing this...instead of making knots on the back of your layouts, I just scotch tape the end when I start and then scotch tape the end of the floss when I'm done (using that second tape to usually tape as many of the stitch backs as I can...just to keep them there!!)

This layout tells a really funny story....click on the layout to enlarge and read it. If it's not big enough, head over to my blog and click on it...I leave my layouts large so Grandma can click to get the layout large enough to read the journaling"!

Now, it's your turn to complete a project using stitches. Submit a picture and brief description of your project to scrappinpsycho@live.com. The June prize will be awarded randomly to one of our submissions. A winner will also be selected to become a Guest Design Team Member for the month of August.


  1. I really like how this simple stitching adds so much without taking the focus. Great job. Now off to your blog to read this journaling...I'm intrigued!

  2. Joni,

    As usual another great layout. I love how you capture the everyday memories. Your title and color scheme go so well together.

    You Arrrr so talented!

  3. Nice layout. I love the X's! The picture was still too small to read so I am going to head over to your blog to read it. tfs.

  4. Neat layout Joni, I like the stitched X's!

  5. You're right the "X's" really add to the page without it seeming overwhelming. Love it! Great layout!