October 28, 2011

October Quote Challenge by Julie

Reader Julie submitted this layout for the October Quote Challenge. She said:

Here's a page I made recently about a quote. In this case, it's not a quote by a famous person, but something my son said at my sister's wedding that has become one of those family stories we all love to remember. As a 3-year old ringbearer, he didn't quite understand that the ring on the pillow he was holding wasn't his to keep, hence the line, "why did that man take my ring?"

Now it's your turn to take the October Quote Challenge.


  1. Hilarious quote and how perfect to immortalize it on a layout!! Great job!

  2. Cute quote and I love the colors you used!

  3. Great way to memorialize a great memory. How cute!

  4. A wonderful family story! What a great way to capture it!