September 11, 2012

BTS by Sarah

Our BTS challenge this month has so many possibilities! Go here to see how you too can play and maybe be our next guest designer!!!Thanks, Deb♥

SOS Designer Sarah has a clever idea today using our BTS challenge :)

BTS usually means Back to School, but not here at SOS this month! This month it means you are to use your stash with anything that begins with the letters in BTS!!!
B might mean buttons and brads
T might mean twine and tin
S might mean sequins and silver
Remember YOU choose what B, T, and S mean and dig into that stash of yours!
BTS means something to all of us in this house right now...
Boxes, Tape & Stress!
We are moving...
We don't know when but we know it's within the next 2 months.
Due to the decline of my Mother's motility after being hit by car, with the light as a pedestrian crossing the road withing the crosswalk, back in April; and my Father's Alzheimer's starting to get to the 'we need to plan ahead' stage... We've all come to the decision that we're best getting a 2 home-house together now. In hopes that my parents will be able to live longer, happier lives in a *house* (yard, keep theirs dogs etc...) with family to help. On our end it means my parents are quite willing to help out with homework (with 4 boys that's no small task!) and passing on some of their knowledge and stories now, before they disappear (as in my Dad's case).
It's win-win! Considering the amount of time we all spend at each other's houses now we'll also gain heaps of travel time back... lol.
In the meantime we're playing what I refer to as the 'Game of Homes' as we go through each stage of the game: selling their house, making an offer on a new one, moving and then fixing and selling ours. That means we're living in Box-Ville and it's growing every day.
Most of my Studio has been packed up so I'm trying operate on a bare minimum of supplies... hence my page! Used a piece of scrap box, packing tape, stickers, single rub-on and Sharpies for the titling... and embellished with a snipped up sheet of BoBunny Rub-Ons scattered all over.
Scrapping my very limited Stash!

Bit of angle for less shiny...

Title up close:



  1. What a heart warming story! So great that you got to scrap this memory!

  2. Bless your heart. Moving is very stressful! Good for you getting the feelings and story down on a layout! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great subject to scrap and super take on the challenge!

  4. What a fun page and so fitting for the subject! Love everything about it. So creative!

  5. What a neat way to scrap this memory!

  6. Really cool plan for your BTS! Loving those doodly letters!!! Deb♥