September 27, 2012

PagerizeThis! #22 by Wendy

Pagerizing by our own Wendy C!!! Remember  we lifted Debbie's?

Well  now here is a word from Wendy and her layout inspired by Debbie's above..Deb♥

I love multi photo layouts!  And this Pagerize challenge was the perfect time to use these fun pictures of me teaching my kids how to dance.  I even broke out the punches to make some flower accents.  :)


  1. I love your layout Wendy! Makes me very happy! Love the photos and those pretty flowers!

  2. Really great lift of Debbie's layout! This is such a great blocked design and can fit so many wonderful photos in as you've done!

  3. Having just lost my mother a few weeks ago you can only imagine the shock I had when I got this layout. The pics remind me of my mom, not so much this model's face but her build AND the way she is dancing!!! It game me a smile and for that I thank you and must say I loved this! Deb♥

  4. Great LO, your photos are just adorable!