April 8, 2010

$$Frugal Friday Tips$$

Altered CDs by Monica

Monica recently went to a craft show and saw an idea using old CD's. They were very similar to this but they had 4 or more of them connected with ribbon for a wall hanging. Each CD had a picture on it and a letter, so for example some said LOVE, or FAMILY, etc. Monica wanted to make some for Christmas but ran out of time so she decided to make it simplier and just created an ornament out of the CD's. She made one for almost every family member on both sides of her family. They were a hit and really stood out on the tree! It's a great way to use old CD's or DVD's.

Monica just traced the CD onto her patterned paper and cut it out then sanded the edges a little and attached the picture and some stickers. Her husband drilled the holes for her but, she recently got a BIG Bite and it works well too!

What a great way to recycle those old CDs and DVDs. If you create an altered CD we would love to see it. Send it and a description to scrappinpsycho@live.com. We would love to post it.

If you have a frugal tip to share - please send it along with pictures and a description to scrappinpsycho@live.com and it may be chosen to be posted as a future $Frugal Friday Tip$.


  1. I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great idea...I love how these turned out! :)

  3. Great idea Monica, Love them as ornaments!

    A few years back I made a cd album for a swap. The girl had a son and 2 daughters. One side of the album featured the boy and the other the girls. I put the links below incase anyone wanted to see them. TFS



  4. Love this idea! These would make really cute package ties added to the top of a gift.

  5. What a great idea. I've used alcohol inks and stamps on cds before to great a shiney decoration. Hadn't thought of using papers.

  6. Thanks everyone!! And Danielle that's exactly what I did, I tied them to the gifts so it was the first thing they saw.

  7. Kimmarie, that's a great idea too! You have inspired me!! I got a ton of CD's from a family member so I plenty to use up!!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. This is a great idea. i've seen them also painted, but I love how they look with paper. You are very talented Monica, they lokk great, no wonder they were a hit.

    Kimmarie, I wnet to see your album, and love it, a very pretty and frugal album!

  9. Great idea - I like the idea of them being package tags - Super cool!