April 25, 2010

Special Spring Cleaning Challenge

Announcing our Spcecial Spring Cleaning Challenge. I'm sure as spring approaches,(we hope) that everyone is ready to Spuce up their scraproom, studio, closet, corner, drawer, tote or whatever you may have that needs tidying up. So let's do it together.

The plan is to take a picture of the BEFORE and then get busy! If you choose you can send pictures of the progression of your cleaning project - or you may choose to send an AFTER picture. Starting March 1, I will post the BEFORE pictures as I get them - on completion or midway through when I receive another picture from you I will post it also. So we can all see how everyone is doing.

We will also use this as a place to ask and answer organizational type questions or vent frustrations or share successes or accomplishments. Just put your question, vent or accomplishment in the comment section. The rest of us will attempt to answer your questions and share your joy or pain with you by commenting.

Take that BEFORE picture now - or before you begin the challenge. Send your pictures and your goal to scrappinpsycho@live.com .

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to take a picture of the BEFORE and then get busy!
This challenge will end on April 30th. Then all the entries will be posted for our readers to select a winner of the Stamp it Up prize pack, so generously donated by Kimmarie.


  1. I don't have any "before" pictures but I will post the progress of the center Jim has built and is still building. This is the time when a person can be thankful for unemployment!!

  2. I am so looking forward to this challenge. I have pictures before I moved my room. The mess it is now and will get it better organized. Thanks Kathy

  3. This is a daunting challenge for me! I did buy a new rack and some baskets and I've been working on getting that organized. But my TABLE that I scrap on, is beyond help! I think you made this challenge just for me?!!!

  4. rats... I just cleaned my room.. and my moms sewing room.. now THAT was a challenge! LOL but alas, mine is all clean and organized..

  5. Fun Challenge, Kathy!! I have a tiny space that's in the main part of our house, so I have to keep it pretty clean, but I'm sure there's some organizing that I can do better! :)

  6. How did you know I need to clean up?? :) I have my pictures ready to send in! My scrap supplies are half in the dining room and half in our computer/guest room. I really need to reorganize and try and get it all in one place. Let's see if I can do this in March!

    Well, I took pics of my room....even before I knew about this! HMMMM! (Must have known!) ;0)
    But.....I am SUCH a procratinator....I just HAD to read the part about it not actually "starting" until March....and began to think..Oh!! I don't have to start yet!!

  8. OK! Kathy....I hope you know that "Anonymous" is ME (Mary!!) Until someone can tell me how to get a post on here using that darn profile thing, I will just have to use that????? UGH!

  9. Looking forward to seeing all those BEFORE pictures...

    This will be a fun challenge - I can't wait!

    Hope you join us!

  10. I recently organized my scrap area but, I'll take pictures of the shelves I have in the laundry room, I use them to store the things that can't fit in my small area!
    Now, I just need to be brave to take those pictures and then more brave to show them to you!!!!!!

  11. After the first of the year I began organizing my scrap room. I sorted all my buttons and ribbons by color and found jars to put them in. Wow was that helpful. I do need to keep organizing, but little by little I am going to be organized! Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

  12. I love your room...and it really doesn't look that messy to me! :) I want giant shelves and wonderful jars like you have! (But first, I'd like a floor!) Good luck!