April 10, 2010

Catch Up Sunday

Here it is Sunday again, man how time flies. I hope you've done more scrapping this week than I have. It wouldn't take much to do more - just more than 1 page....

Our April Challenge continues... The Challenge is to either scraplift a layout ( this is the nice term for copy) or use a Sketch for inspiration. Both are my favorite ways to at least start a page. I really thought we'd have more takers on this challenge.

All you have to do is complete a project by either lifting someone else's work, or by starting with a sketch. In either case - this is just a starting point. In some cases you may want to make it almost exactly like the inspirational piece - this is pretty much what Stephanie did on her Best Friends layout - or just use it as a starting point like Joni did on her layout Lights up. Either way is perfectly right - remember there is No wrong way to scrap.

Sketches are done the same way - either as close to the original sketch as possible - or totally different. Both Monica and Marti followed their inspirational sketches pretty closely. This is not required - there have been times when I've looked at someone's completed layout and their inspirational sketch - and had a hard time seeing them as anything alike. Sometimes it's just a matter of how you lay out the pictures or where you put the title. Once again - there is no wrong way!

All this to say - we'd really love for you to accept the challenge. Each submission is posted to the blog for all to see, and you could be chosen to become a Guest Design Member here at Scrap Our Stash! What've ya got to loose?

Try it you'll like it! I double dare ya!

The Spring Cleaning Challenge continues. Check out those super neat rooms of Laurie and Christy. Both did a great job of finding a place for everything.

It's not too late for you to join in the challenge. Just send a before picture, (go take it right now), and then take the challenge to get your scrap space "clean". This is not limited to just scrap spaces either. How about that tote that you keep threatening to re-organize or maybe it's just your ribbon. Whatever this challenge means to you - we'd love to share in it with you. This may be just the motivation you need to do what you know needs to be done!

Looking forward to receiving your pictures. Just check out the April Challenge or the Spring Cleaning Challenge below for all the details.

Have a great week - and check in regularly. There will be something new everyday!


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