May 2, 2010

Special Spring Cleaning Challenge

Before by Monica

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Monica has accepted the challenge and here is what she had to say: "I am a little embarrassed to show off my mess! It's really bad at the moment! But this challenge is what I needed!! For starters I don't really have my supplies in one area. In fact I even have a few things hiding in a closet that I forgot to take a picture of.

When my son was born my office/scrap room also turned into a guest room. I had to move my scrapping table out and into the dining room. So needless to say I am limited on space.

So in my office/ everything room I have my jars of ribbon, well some ribbon. I also have the white shelves with buttons and other misc. small items. Then I have the three drawer rubbermaid with ribbons, which my son constantly pulls out, chipboard letters, paint and stamps.

In my dining room I have the table which started off being there just to scrap on but as you can see it is where I just stack stuff up. I now scrap on the dining room table. I leave my tool bag, journaling tags and baby embellishments on the table.

I store my scrapbooks on the top shelf. The middle shelf has my clear containers with all my letter stickers. The bottom shelf has old books. I think this is where I should start, I could use this shelf for scrapbooking stuff. I am thinking of ways to get all my stuff into one space, not sure if I can do that but I have all month!! I hope I can do it! Thanks Kathy for the start"!

Sometimes all we need to get started on doing something we know we need to do is a challenge. So here is your challenge. Send a Before picture of whatever it is you need to organize - and then an After picture when you complete the challenge. See all the details in Special Spring Cleaning Challenge below.

And while your accepting challenges - how about joining in on the March New/Old Challenge - see details below.


  1. tfs Monica. I know how hard it is to share space that is what I use to do. When I had my stuff up in my attic room it started off great then diaster struck and since it was out of sight it became a disaster. Now that it is on the main floor, I tend to drop other things in there as well and scrap in other rooms. This challenge was a good one to get our butts in gear. Good luck and I can't wait to see the after pictures.

  2. I'm glad I was able to challenge you - I always work better with a challenge. Can't wait to see your after! I'm sure it will be a relief when it's all done!

  3. Can't wait to see your after photos! Oh the dreaded space sharing thing!

  4. Welcome to the challenge Monica! I'm glad you are joining in. You've got quite the task ahead of you in dealing with the combined space. I look forward to seeing your after pictures!

  5. OHhhhhh can't wait to see what you do with your space!

  6. Now that you look back, did you find out that you had a lot of ribbon? I know that's what I picked out in your stash! Not that it's a bad thing! ;)