May 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning Challenge

After by Monica

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Here is what Guest Team Member Monica had to say about her Spring Cleaning.
First I cleaned up the horrible mess of ribbon that I had. I was able to weed through my jars and get rid of some stuff that I saved off gifts and other misc. things. I cleaned up the ribbons that I have in my 3 drawer container. The ribbon jars are on the top shelf of my computer desk, away from my son's little fingers! Next to my desk are the white stacked shelves that hold misc. embellishments and other supplies. I filed all the papers that were in front of it. And the most improved area is my dining room, where I scrap. I was able to put everything away that was on the plastic table I had under the window before. I cleaned up one side of my fireplace shelves and have all scrapbooking stuff there. Well as much as I could. The top shelf is all my papers. I got these wicker backets at Target to kind of hide my tool bag and other misc. plastic bins. I really would have liked to have it all in one place but for now this will do!

Now it's your turn - send your before and or after pictures by April 30th. See all the details in Spring Cleaning Challenge below.


  1. Wow Monica!!! That looks so nice and tidy! Great job!!!

  2. Nice job, Monica... It Looks Awesome!!

  3. Lookin' good! You did a great job of finding a home for everything.

  4. Looks great! Love the jars of embellishments. I find the colors through the glass so fun.

  5. It looks great now! You did such a great job making it all fit!

  6. That is a great shelf! It fits your albums and those baskets perfectly!