May 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning Challenge

Before by Laurie

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Guest Design Team Member Laurie said, "Everyone's photos of their craft spaces made me realize I need to get in on the fun too. Of course, right after I took these photos I spent the entire day cleaning up my little crafty corner. This is the third time since I've taken over this little spot in the living room that I've needed to just stop and clean it back up. Each time I get a few elements right and that helps that particular part of my desk stay fairly organized. This time I enjoyed that my papers were all organized and within easy reach by color for both patterned and solid. The problem areas were my stamps, ribbons, and putting away my scraps once I was done with a project. My goal for this cleanup is to take away the places that I can just leave project remnants in hopes of keeping a clean desk!

Would you like to share your Before pictures. Just check out Special Spring Cleaning Challenge below.


  1. Good luck on keeping your desk clean. Hope you can find a happy home for everything. I know I scrap better when everything is put away - as long as I can remember where I put it! :)

  2. i love how you already have your paper organized by color! That is always an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work!

  3. I can see you have a great little space. I have the same problem of keeping my space clean. Things pile up until it is a big mess. It would be much easier to just put things away after each project. Hmmm, sounds like when I talk to the kids. Guess I need to take my own advice.