May 29, 2010

May Challenge

May Get out of your Box Challenge!

The May challenge is to do something outside your "box". In other words - outside of your ordinary. It could be a new technique or a different style, or size... anything that is outside of your ordinary!

I suggest you look at your last month or so of layouts and determine what you Usually do - or use. Then do something totally different. It could be something you've been wanting to do - but just need that little "Push" out of your comfort zone to do it! This may take some thought as to what "rut" am I in. I usually get to the point that I feel like all my pages look the same - are you there? If so, what makes them all the same? If that is not your issue - maybe you've really wanted to do something new or different - but something is holding you back - maybe it's that Box your in.

So - - - the challenge is to get out of that box - and try something either totally new - or just
unusual for you.

So "get out of your box". Send a picture of your project and a brief description to Your project will be posted here. The challenge will end May 31st @ 6:00 PM CT. A winner will be chosen and offered a spot on our Guest Design Team for the month of July.


  1. So really, if I do anything at all, it would be out of my uncreative unmotivated haven't done anything since March box.....

  2. This is a good one!!!!!

    I tend to use the same thigs over and over.

  3. They are definitely 2 things that I need to do for this month's challenge (on separate layouts). Hopefully get busy today.

  4. definitely got me thinking. I noticed that my pictures are usually placed in the same area, titles too. I definitely need to get out of the BOX! :)

  5. I'm ready! It's been long enough since I played with my crafty toys!

  6. I liked this challenge so much I did the same thing with the page I created over the weekend! SOmetimes it's good to make us go outside of our comfort levels!