May 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning Challenge

After by Megan

Former Design Team Member Megan said, "I finally got everything put away and reorganized in my SB room and wanted to submit my “after” pictures too.

My SB room has several “purposes” for me. It’s my office, scrapbook room and also my laundry room, so I can say that it does get quite a bit of use! The main pictures of my big desk show where I sit to work on the computer and do my other office type work (I have lots of school papers and other things I work on here at this desk, but trust me, this is WAY more organized than it was earlier). I also took pictures of my smaller stamping area (the counter top between the big tall IKEA cabinets). The other area of cabinet base drawers is where I store my embellishments by color, my punches, my paper cutter and some more of my tools. It’s nice to be able to see the top of that counter again! The main area I had to work on for this clean up was the horizontal surfaces…things get piled on the countertops and desk and I had to find a home for them or purge them. As I’m also getting ready to study again with a class coming up this summer, I had to find room for my textbooks and notebooks, so they now have a temporary “home” on my desk until I’m finished with that.
It's still not to late to submit your pictures. Deadline is midnight April 30th. Check out all the details in Spring Cleaning Challenge below.


  1. Wow Megan, I am in love with your space, it is so beautiful!!! Great job on the challenge!

  2. Looks awesome! Sounds like a very busy area!

  3. I love your space the cabinets make it just perfect!