May 31, 2010

May Challenge Submissions


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These are the readers: Joseph, Megan, Christy, Belinda, Ren Yi's submissions for the May "Get Out of Your Box" Challenge.

This was a fun challenge that encouraged us to do something "outside" of our box. It was interesting to see what different boxes we are all in. Hopefully, this will inspire you to do something out of the ordinary for you!

If you would like to see all the May Challenge posts and see the descriptions - just click on the label May "Get Out of Your Box" Challenge on the sidebar!

The winner will be announced on June 1st.


  1. Nice work ladies! Looking forward to the winner announcement!

  2. Awesome entries gals..(and Gool Luck...this will be tough, as they are all wonderful!!

  3. Ok...Good luck (not gool luck...sorry)