August 8, 2010

August Challenge

Design Team Member Sara submitted this layout and tutorial for the August Flower Challenge. She said, "On this layout I created the peach flower and purple flower out of double stitched ribbon.
Here is the demo:
Selecte a wide double stitched ribbon and pick out 2 stitches from the
same side on both ends.
Pull the stitches and gather the ribbon to the middle so it scrunches

Pull the ends as tight as you want and tie them and then cut off the
excess string.
Here is the end result! Embellish it up with a center and you have a
beautiful flower every time!
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  1. What an amazing page. I love everything about it. The flowers are really neat too. Way to rock the challenge.

  2. Ok...I've tried this flower before and mine didn't come out NEARLY as nice as yours!!! I love the layout Sara...and you've inspired me to give this flower and other try!!

  3. You're flowers are so great! I love how textured they look!

  4. Thanks ladies! I love these flowers- so easy!

  5. Great tutorial - your flower turned out so well!

  6. Nice Layout! Love looking at a winter picture! Thanks for sharing how to make ribbon flowers!

  7. How easy it that!!! Love this idea!!

  8. i love how easy this is! here i thought you had to thread a needle and thread and do it all by hand! thanks for the tip & tutorial.

  9. Awesome page!!!!!
    Love love the color combo and the easy to follow instructions!
    Tbank You so much!

  10. This page rocks - I love the bright colors - and this flower looks super simple! Another one for me to try!

  11. This page is awesome! Love the balck polka dot pp, it really makes everything else pop!! Thanks for sharing the directions for the flower, I really want to try it!