August 20, 2011

Another Re-Do by Sue

Here's a layout I completed about six months. ago. It was for a sketch challenge, and while there's nothing wrong with the sketch, I let it totally drive my process and was never happy with the final result. Here's what I want to change....
#1 The Colors - I just don't care for the color scheme. Not really sure why. Maybe it's too dark or too busy, but it does not make me happy to look at this page.
#2 The Photos - They don't have a focus. Am I supposed to look at the people or the book display? I wish I had cropped these but I followed the sketch rather mindlessly. My bad.
#3 The Journaling - This is the biggest problem. I had a book published and dedicated two little journaling strips to telling the story. Seriously?

I finally decided to give myself a do-over on this page and am much happier with the result the second time around. Here's why....
#1 The Colors - I lightened up the color scheme and kept it pretty simple. Even though the photos are smaller, they stand out much better on this page.
#2 The Photos - I cropped the pictures and put them on a separate mat. The book display is still there, but now the focus is on the people.
#3 The Journaling - I allowed plenty of space for a fun title (think Monsters, Inc.) and lots of room for journaling. And yes, you could find this book on amazon, but unless you are a piano teacher, you really won't be interested!

I have other pages in my albums I'm not crazy about. Don't we all? But I have no intentions of getting carried away re-doing layouts. Since an important story (to me) was not being told, this page merited special consideration.

Now it's your turn to take the August Re-Do Challenge. See all the details HERE!

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  1. Love your re-do and all the journaling is fantastic!! Definitely a page worth re-doing :) It's an important story to tell! :)

  2. I love the way you did the title in your redo! Great layouts!

  3. Congrats on being published. I agree, there was a bigger story to tell there. Great lesson on not following a sketch without regard for your own story or style. I need to remember, "sketches are a tool, not a rule."
    New layout is totally focused. Great re-do.
    -Rhonda H

  4. I really like your redo Sue! The change of colors and title definitely tell the story better!

  5. That is well worth the re-do and it's poi-fect! I do so love the addition of 'the untold story' with the journaling and *LOVE* that title work.

  6. Love it Sue... Your "new" page really does focus on the pics & journaling!! Great example of a re-do!!

  7. I love the re-make! The title is fabulous! Congrats on being published!!!

  8. Great re-do! Love that you added the story!!

  9. Great make over - I agree with all of your changes - and love the fact that you added all the additional journaling. Sometimes - it's about the story - and in this case you were able to highlight that!

    Great job!