August 11, 2011

August Re-Do Challenge by Joni

Hi everyone!!  Joni Parker here.... bringing you today's post!!!

So, for me "re-do" a layout is quite a stretch... So, as I really was thinking about it, I had a tip that I do that I wanted to share with you...  Not really a re-do, but kinda along those lines....

When I finish a layout....  I look at it, evaluate it (not like cross-examination or!).... but as I'm looking at it, I ask myself these questions:

1)  What are 3 things that I LIKE about this layout.....
2)  What are 3 things that I DON'T LIKE about this layout....

Then, I mentally make a note of the things that I liked.... good to have those thoughts to use again later!!

Then I look at the things I didn't like...and I think... "Can I fix or change those things to make it better?"...sometimes I can't...and that's ok (again mental note for next time)...... But sometimes I CAN make a little adjustment or change that eliminates one of the "dislikes"....

So, with that in mind.... let me share this layout with you....
Now I scrap indoors, after dark and don't have natural light.....  so even after I took a picture of this layout, I didn't see anything wrong.   But then I loaded the picture on my computer and I went.. OH MY...that teal color tape DOESN'T MATCH COLORS AT ALL!!!!!   (See it above the word STORM & at the left edge of the border below the photo? ).....  YIKES!!

So, my quick re-do...... removed it and added some Tim Holtz tape in a neutral color....
Much better!!

So don't forget to take a quick look at your layouts and make an adjustment or two....or just make some mental notes for next time (good or bad!)....

Now it's your turn to take the August Re-Do Challenge.  Take the challenge and you could be chosen for our October Guest Design.  See all the details HERE! 


  1. I am going to sketch out this LO for future reference! I really like the 4 patterned squares on the right!

  2. Great tip Joni. I often find that I want to add more to my layout after I see the pic on my screen. I think it's just seeing it in a different light.

  3. Great tips, Joni! Sometimes I take a quick picture with my camera so get a different view of a layout. Or let it sit overnight and see it with fresh eyes in the morning.

  4. great tip! this happens to me sometimes, too, when I scrap late at night.

  5. Love your tips - I'm much more likely to change "something" on a layout - then to re-do the whole layout. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Yes, great tip! I like the design of your lo, too!!

  7. And love the story/journaling!!

  8. Wonderful tips. I really liked your page!