August 23, 2011

August Re-Do Challenge by Alanna

Reader Allana submitted these layouts for the August Re-Do Challenge.  She said: 

Here is my layout for the August Re-Do Challenge. I have been scrapping since October 2010 and this was my first ever layout. You can probably tell why I'm not happy with it! I had absolutely no clue about scrapbooking. I had a few supplies and great intentions and all I wanted to do was put photos on paper and into an album!!!  My style is still developing, but it's nothing like it was 10 months ago!! I am really proud of how far I've come with my scrapbooking in the last 10 months but I have always wanted to re-do this layout. The only thing I like about this layout is I wasn't scared of stamping like I am now!  As for my "new" layout - I love it! I love the grid design, and I am completely in love with distressing the edges right now. I have cropped the photos and distressed the edges... wouldn't have even thought of doing that 10 months ago! I have kept the embellishing to a minimum on the newer layout, but I do love going over the top with my embellishing normally - unlike in the original layout!  You can see more details in my blog post here -

Thanks :)

Now it's your turn to take the August Re-Do Challenge. See all the details HERE!

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  1. Love the grid design in your layout!

  2. Love your re-do! Your style has made an amazing evolution in just 10 months!

  3. Nice improvement from your first layout. Keep up the good work!

  4. Love the grid and distressing on your re-do! Love the way you cut and spaced the photo on the first one. Cute stuff!

  5. Great redo Allana! I really like the grid!

  6. Very cute!! I love the grid layout!! Nice job!

  7. Your style is developing nicely! Love how you re-did the layout. Very nice.

    Thanks for sharing!