August 22, 2011

August Re-do by Joni

I decided I wanted to 're-do' a layout I had already done.... but instead of picking one I didn't like to "re-do" ... I picked one I really liked and did a re-do!!!!

So....I'm going to show these to you backwards... and then I'll tell you why....

So first.. this is my REDONE layout.... (I pagerized myself for this!!)

I took the basic design & some of the techniques that I really liked from my original --

Now...I showed you the redone layout first....because although I really do like's just not as good as the original... This is one of my favorite layouts ever...definately my favorite for the time being... It was also published in Scrapbook News & Review magazine August issue.

So.... think of "re-do"...not only as "fixing up" an older layout...or redoing the same photos...
Sometimes good to "redo" something that you LOVE!!!

See all the Details on the August Re-Do Challenge HERE!


  1. Great layouts! I love that shadow picture.

  2. Joni, I love both of them. it is funny how different they are!

  3. Love your take on re-do. Of course we should take pages we love and do them again! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Wonderful original. Easy to see why it was published. The shadow picture is great. Your redo is pretty cool also but I agree, the first is my favorite. Excellent work.

  5. Love the circles and fun of the first lo. Great distressing and photo on the 2nd.

  6. Neat layouts and great take on the redo challenge!

  7. Both adorable layouts!! I love that you re-did a layout that you liked! Love the circles and the cardboard elements!!

  8. These are both awesome - and what a great idea to use something you loved to re-create. Love all the EXTRA little details.

    Great job!