August 9, 2011

August Re-Do Challenge by Sue

Design Team Member Sue submitted these layouts for the August Re-Do Challenge.  She said:

If nothing else, this challenge showed me how my scrapping style has changed over the years!
My Old Layout: Creative Memories album, chronological (Spring 1987), photos from a time frame of a few months. Not even going to talk about design.            It is what it is.

My New Layout: Library of Memories album, thematic (grandma's house), photos from a longer time frame, at least a year. Let's just say I'm happier with the design.

There's nothing "right" or "wrong" about either approach. I love both layouts because they capture precious memories. What I'm doing has not changed, only how I'm doing it. I'm perfectly fine with showing that evolution in my albums. Who knows where I might be five or ten years from now? That's what makes this hobby so much fun!

Now it's your turn to take the August Re-Do Challenge. See all the details HERE!

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  1. I appreciate what you are saying, Sue. I have 'old-style" CM layouts like that, too, but that was the ''way" at the time, and products were pretty limited. I am a LOM-er, too, now, and am loving the new way of keeping our memories. You did a great job pulling the colors out of the older photos!

  2. I started with CM too. I like your remake. It's a fun, fresh page. All of the things you chose give it such a warm, happy feel.

  3. Great redo! Love the colors and patterns you chose!!

  4. Great re-do. I love the paper your chose. And I have the same attitude towards re-doing my layouts. It's always interesting to see how your style changes over the years. Nice job!

  5. Wow - how things change. Love your philosophy. Sometimes I think we forget what the real purpose of scrapbooking is. Thanks for the reminder.